The return of light


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This Chapter, like most, begins with an introduction by Elora.


Elora: throughout my lifetime, I have continually worked to push back the veils obscuring my memory of other worlds and other existences. Once I had conquered the barriers to past life memory on this Earth, I found that I could go further back in time and could remember lives in other Star Systems and Galaxies. It was not until the Spring of 2002, however, that I began to recall what life was like outside this Universe.


At that time I was contacted in spirit by a beautiful young man who seemed deeply familiar to me. He told me he was my Brother, from an existence in a Universe called Virqie and a Planet known as Atia; and that he and my other two Brothers had arrived in this Universe to take me home. Despite the fact that many scientists now recognize not only the possibility but the inevitability of multiple universes, I had a hard time believing all of this. Still, he was adamant that this was the truth of the matter. With the help of my Brothers, I began to remember what it had been like in Virqie. I have also been able to compare my memories with those of other friends who know that they come from Light Universes. While the details of their remembrances differ, their overall stories are very similar to mine.


As I explored my memories of Virgie, I was stunned to realize that none of them contained pain or disharmony, even in the slightest way. Most of my past-life Earth memories are traumatic, partly because Earth life tends to be that way and partly because it is the unresolved traumas that we remember most. However, in accessing my memories of Virqie, I simply could not uncover any remembrances of sorrow, suffering, fear, illness, aging, or even of discontent. I realize how incredible this sounds, yet it is the truth of my recollection. I am not speaking of some remote Heavenly Realm here, or some between-life Paradise, but day to day life on a planet, a world just as concrete as Earth. A common reaction may be that this sounds boring. It was not. I have experienced a great deal of tedium in my lives on Earth, but I remember none in Virqie. Another reaction may be that it requires some amount of pain to appreciate joy. I also found this to be entirely untrue .


In the Virqie Universe, all is beauty, harmony, and love. Evolution occurs through joy, not through suffering and struggle. The presence of God flows through that Universe like a great golden tide that is always at the full. While there is the free will to choose among many possibilities in life, the thought of doing anything negative, hurtful, or in any way outside of the flow of God's Will is simply not conceived of. Nor is there any fear of being harmed, either by other Humans or by Nature. Perfection reigns - and yet not a static, lifeless, and tedious perfection, but one which contains vibrancy, joy, and great creative challenges.


On the Planet of Atia where I lived, Human relationships are considered a high art. Intimacy and love exist in exquisite delicacy and profound depth. Male/female relationships are practiced within a free-flowing yet committed structure which ensures that love and partnership are always available to all, as are times of aloneness and communion with Nature and God. Loneliness, abusive or unfulfilling relationships, and emotional pain of all types are unknown. The decision to bring forth a child is considered a sacred act, and each child is seen as a precious manifestation of the Divine.


From my memories of Atia, I know that nature thrives there in resplendent beauty. Trees, flowers, grass, birds, sea creatures, and land animals live there just as they do here, yet in complete harmony and glorious vibrancy. All forms of life, from the tiniest to the greatest, are honored, and all are part of the great tapestry of life. The whole Universe evolves together. None are left behind, not the tiniest insect or flower. All beings are conscious, and all matter is filled with awareness; even the grains of sand shimmer with life as they lie on the shores of the jade-green ocean. It is as if the whole Universe is one great symphony. There is no illness, and death is simply a conscious releasing of one form to move on to a higher one.


Fear, pain, anger, and grief do not exist in the normal course of evolution-although my family did grieve, and did fear for my safety, when I left to travel to this Universe and did not return as expected.


As I accessed these memories, I knew that I had come to this Universe along with many others in an attempt to set things aright in this part of Creation. I also knew that life in Virqie was life as the Creator designed it to be. This book contains a great deal of information on what is commonly called the Fall, which will be discussed in detail in the next Chapter. Therefore, we have chosen to begin by taking a good look at the original design of Creation and the nature and purpose of our Creator.


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