The return of light

Elora: Will the Light Warriors destroy all the darkness in this Creation?   Prime Creator

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Elora: Will the Light Warriors destroy all the darkness in this Creation?


Prime Creator: These Light Warriors will not stop at the perimeters of my Creation. They will reach out into the heart of what sent the Darkness here, and will destroy it. [Elora: Once this Creation is cleared, will you protect it from further attacks?] Yes, I will ring all of Creation with the Warriors of Light.


Elora: Have other Creations been threatened?


Prime Creator: Yes, indeed. There was a second attack, on another of my Creations. However it was much smaller and much later, and I was able to fend it off. [Elora: And how about those made by others?] I cannot say. [Elora: Those are too far distant for you?] Yes.


Elora: Do you know where the Dark Beings came from?


Prime Creator: Yes, but it is somewhat of an indescribable place. There are no words. It is outside of this Creation.


Elora: How can the sense of abandonment and betrayal, that so many of us feel, be healed?


Prime Creator: I would say that the proof is in the pudding. When I have eliminated the darkness, then the healing will begin. Then faith can be restored, and not until that time.


Elora: I realize my own anger at you was unfounded, and ask you to forgive me for that.


Prime Creator: My darling one, it is I who needs to ask your forgiveness, for it is I who am responsible for what occurred. There are no words to express the depth of my sorrow about this. [Elora: It is hard for us Humans to realize and understand that even a Being so powerful as yourself is not completely omniscient and omnipotent, to realize that even for you this is a learning process.] Yes.


Elora: The hardest thing for me is the Beings who were lost. Will there ever be a way to reclaim them?


Prime Creator: Their blueprints are intact, their records are intact. [Elora: But their essence? Is it gone forever?] Once the darkness has been removed, we will see. It is not known yet.


The communication ended at this point, because I was crying, as was Karen, and it seemed that Creator was weeping as well. The energy was also too strong for her to handle, so we released the connection.


[Elora:] To explain the last part of the communication: certain Beings within the Fallen Universes have been attacked in such a destructive way that the only recourse was for them to be "melted down" and returned to Source. An analogy would be a golden cup which is thrown into a vat of molten gold. The pure metal remains, but all individuation is lost. This has been the ultimate tragedy resulting from the Invasion of Darkness, for many great and beautiful Beings have been lost. It is hoped, however, that ultimately even they can be reclaimed.


A week later, we spoke to the Creator again. The communication flowed more easily this time.


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