The return of light


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HERU’S THIRD MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: The "Third Meditation Technique" is often referred to in the text of this Book, and is a meditation which Heru has given us. He has asked that it be shared freely at this time, as it is such a powerful tool. Also called "The Portal of Creation", this Technique allows a person to access a portion of the Void and thereby to create powerful changes within his or her life. This Meditation is described in detail near the end of this book.


THOTH: Thoth is one of the Great Light Beings who has assisted this Planet for many eons. The Egyptians knew him as a scribe and teacher. The Greeks called him Hermes Trismegistus, or thrice-greatest Hermes. According to legend, he is said to have provided the Wisdom of Light in the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt. Thoth is a great Master of esoteric knowledge and is a "Cousin" to Heru and Sekhmet.


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