The return of light

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OMNNERSAL ENERGY: The Omniversal Energy is a beam or ray of Cosmic Light, projected directly by Prime Creator as a beam of focused intent designed to penetrate all levels of Creation. It has, to a greater or lesser degree, penetrated and touched every atom of Creation, with the intent of restoring the true Light of Creator to all Creation. Embedded and encoded in this beam or ray of Light are many Programs and many Beings, such as the Light Warriors. These Programs and Beings are designed to activate sequentially in order to perform the restoration of the Fallen Universes, and all Beings and substances contained within them.


PRIME CREATOR: God, or Prime Creator, is that which creates, sustains, and permeates the All of this particular Creation. The Absolute Creator, preceding all of the Prime Creators who have later created the various Creations, is the Absolute Creator who does not create total Creations Itself, but who maintains the “Absolute All” that permeates all of those Creations and their Worlds.


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