The return of light

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LIGHT WARRIORS: A unique group of Beings who have been recently created by Prime Creator for the specific purpose of removing all Darkness from the Fallen parts of Creation for the start of the Great New Evolutionary Cycle. The Light Warriors have only been in this Universe for a very short period of time.


MONAD: The Monad is the first individualized creation by the Progenitor Creator Gods. It is the original Soul which is created by the Creator Gods and could be termed the "Highest Self'. Monads are Beings who dwell on the Twelfth Dimension. They extend, or project, a "Ladder" of Aspects/Selves down through the Dimensions. The Monad is the "Supreme Person" for each one of us, and in a sense is the level between ourselves and God. Heru sometimes uses the metaphor of a Mighty Oak Tree. The Monad would be the Tree with all its branches. A Earthly Human Being is a Third Dimensional Aspect of the Monad and is analogous to the tip of a branch which extends into our Universe. Higher Dimensional Aspects would be analogous to junctures along the branch, until it connects to the trunk of the Mighty Oak Tree.


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