The return of light

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LADDER of Aspects: A term coined as the most understandable image or framework around which to describe the evolutionary descension of Aspects manifested from the Monad down through to the Third Dimension. For example, a "Ladder" might contain Third, Fourth, Sixth, Ninth, and Tenth Dimensional Beings [Aspects], and then the Monad on the Twelfth Dimension. In fact there is really no structure of this kind, however it helps to convey the idea of the chain of Aspects from the Lower to Higher Dimensions.


LIGHT FILAMENTS: The Light Filaments are energetic threads which not only connect Beings on the Dimensional Ladder, but are also the vehicle with which to project the next level of Being in that lower Dimension. In other words, the Monad projects Light Filaments from the Twelfth Dimension down through all the Dimensional layers. At each Dimension that the Monad desires to create a body [an Aspect], those Filaments are the tool with which that is done. The Light Filaments appear in the physical body as the Meridians. Through Heru's Second Meditation Technique, these Meridians can be activated. This is important when one desires to go through the Ascension process, for through Meridian activation one then becomes consciously connected with all of one's Dimensional Selves [Aspects] and the Monad. The Light Filaments carry Prana [Celestial Energy], Light, and information between the Monad and its many Aspects or Selves.


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