The return of light

Elora: At that point, were you getting calls for help?   Prime Creator

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Elora: At that point, were you getting calls for help?


Prime Creator: No, for these beings were not manifesting their true intent for quite a long period of time. They were well established before they revealed their criminal intent. Regarding when that intent was revealed, let us see if we can set some timelines. Your time is difficult for me to relate to, so perhaps you can help by giving a framework.


Elora: Heru states that the initial invasion occurred about 1.3 billion years ago. To continue, at some point you realized there was a threat, and these invaders were not innocent?


Prime Creator: Yes. It seems that this occurred hundreds of millions of years ago, but not billions. And so there would have been that long amount of time for the corruption to spread and to spread, amongst the Creator Gods, the Angelic Hierarchies, the Elohim, and the other hierarchies, almost all of which have been contaminated. During that time the Dark Beings were keeping within themselves, and very closely guarded, the secret of their criminal intent. The fullness of this criminal intent did not become clear until the Dark Universes began being born out of the darkness. Again, that time was perhaps several hundred million years ago, but not as much as a billion.


Elora: It appears that the Light Workers were first sent into the contaminated Universes about 500 million years ago. So perhaps it was shortly before that.


Prime Creator: Yes, that is most likely correct. At that time it was not known whether these Light Forces would prevail or how effective they could be, for we had and I had never encountered anything like this. There was hope that this would be enough. And all along the way, those of my Creation who had succumbed attempted to hide their contamination. Therefore throughout this whole process was obfuscation and delay. These delays made it take longer than it should have for it to become apparent that the efforts of the Light Forces were not enough.


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