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Elora: Would you please speak about the process of manifesting in Your World?


The best way would be to have a clear intent before going in, perhaps one issue, idea, or desire per session. That would be easier than coming in with a whole list. State your intention as clearly as you can within the Void, and that is sufficient.


Elora: Should it be repeated, condensing it into a point? I noticed you doing that with an intention I stated.


I will do that if the issue or idea is not sufficiently concentrated. The more emotion behind your manifestation - and I mean this in the sense of a true emotion, not as in "being emotional" - and the more concentrated the intent is, the more powerful the manifestation. So if somebody comes in with an idea that they have, which takes them a paragraph to state, I will work them into that fine concentrated point for it to have greater power. [Elora: Perhaps that would also work well with something that is a bit abstract.] Yes, and for that type of issue this is a very effective way to do it.


Elora: How about visualization?


This can be done also. For each person it will be somewhat different, and for each issue it will be somewhat different, so a great variety of things can be experienced in there.


Elora: How about the problem of limiting-belief systems, which can stop a manifestation from occurring? The last time I was in your world, I felt that you were working on my head to help me with this. What did you do?


Restructuring of belief-systems and uncoiling some fear. I believe that when you approach certain issues that have been fearful for you in the past, you will find a difference now. It would be good to take these issues for a test drive and see where there are still aspects of fear and resistance; and if there still are some then we will work again. [Elora: Is this something that you will also do for any person upon request?] Yes.


Elora: Unless I've been mistaken, Heru, you have appeared the last two times I've been in Your World, and you helped me somewhat with my creations. Is that true?


Yes. That is part of this process; I am very active in the Void being a Creator God. And this will teach people the ability to truly consciously co-create their reality.


Elora: Please tell us why something we create in the Void doesn't manifest in the physical, and what we can do to change that.


Remember that you are living in a world with tremendous amounts of interference. And so with that premise, it is not always going to be successful. All I can say to that is to work at finding interference, clearing interference, and then trying again. [Elora: What types of interference should we look for?] Interference manifests on every level. It is Dark Beings, it is unconscious thought, it is the Dark, it is everywhere. It does include any self-sabotaging, subconscious thought forms. And just remember that the Dark Beings cloak themselves and travel on many of the Dimensions, and are many shapes and sizes.


Elora: I have been feeling the created thought as being in the present, while in low alpha, with emotion, and trying to do this every day. You said there were other ways of doing it. What are they?


Emotion is definitely a very powerful component to this, and it is my feeling that heart-centered emotion and heart-felt emotion give weight and power to the creation. What I'm going to give you is more of an allegory than an actual step-by-step procedure. Take the longing for this creation, for what you are creating, and really identify that longing. Place it in a chalice, a very pure vessel, and offer it up to the Creator - and then ask for it back again. For this longing has great power, but it is when we offer it up to the highest good that it then becomes something pure and not conflicted. However you would want to stage that procedure would be fine; it is the intent or the heart of it that is important.


[Elora:] As a final note, we have learned that it is possible to enter another space which is known as the Creator's World. To enter this domain, first go into Heru's World. Then once again travel inward through your heart. However, this time do not invert yourself. Whereas Heru's World appears black and calm, Creator's World is an extremely high-energy place, which may seem to have flaming skies and fountains of Light. Usually the energy is so strong that you will have to ask for it to be stepped down. It is hard to think or operate in Creator's World, but Heru has told us that creations done there will manifest faster and more strongly. Another possibility is to invite Prime Creator to join you in Heru's World and assist you there with whatever you wish to manifest.



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