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Part 3 - The THIRD MEDITATION: The Portal of Creation

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Part 3 - The THIRD MEDITATION: The Portal of Creation

Elora: Please describe your Third Meditation technique.


The Third Meditation is perhaps the most mysterious of the three, the simplest, and at the same time the most difficult. You focus on your heart and you just go in, and you go in, and you go in. You bring all of your Being in there. And you go in and you go in. You invert yourself into your heart until you come out the other side. And when you come out, you come out into my world. It's almost as if you walk into your heart, and that creates a vacuum, and all of your Being gets sucked behind you into your heart. You invert yourself inside out. This is the Portal to the Great Mystery, and in a sense to the Secret of all Creation. It is almost like going into the birth of life itself. This is the place that I create from, and it is most wonderful.


Elora: Has this technique ever been used on Earth before?


No. Up until this time, believe it or not, it would have been too dangerous to give to Humans. Those people who will be using this, who will be attracted to it, will be of sufficient Light to be able to hold it without attempting to misuse it. And the Gateway has been created to protect those who are not of pure intent from going in the Void. I am immensely, immensely happy that this technique is going out. I am very excited, and I feel the response to it will be great - greater than you can imagine.


[Elora:] Heru has several times expressed a combination of joy and urgency about sharing this Meditation with the World. He states that it will give us the power to co-create our lives in full conscious choice, as well as to heal and regenerate our World. By giving us the key to enter His World, Heru has provided us with a place from which to create, to manifest, and to make choices. It is time for Light-oriented Humans to have the power with which to shape our lives and our World.


Elora: Since this technique is so powerfully linked to creation: what happens if a person with less than pure intentions goes into that space, will they be able to create bad things? Also how about people who are unstable?


It will only open up for people who are stable to a certain degree. Someone who is depressed, that is no problem. Someone who is even bi-polar, that is no problem. But for someone who is schizophrenic or psychotic, the Portal just won't open up. It is up to me whom I let through that door. [Elora: How about people who are negative-does this apply to them as well?] Yes, it does.


Elora: You said: "It is up to me whom I let through that door." This implies that you have control of this space. Is this a space that you created from within the Void? In other words, is it a portion of the Void that you have qualified in some way?


That would be a good way to describe it, yes. Hence my calling this place "My World". [Elora: With what qualities did you qualify it?] I don't know that they really are separate qualities from the rest of the Void. It is more that it is under my domain and therefore I have, as I said, control over whom I let in. This applies not just to Humans. If you were to call one of the Fallen to come in there, it would be up to me to let them in or not, depending on the work you were calling them in there to do.


I am present in every part of that Void that you would go to. Through my Gateway, it is my Domain; and therefore the work that you are doing in that Domain is under my tutelage and by my permission. This is the technique in which I am the most actively involved.


Elora: When I inverted myself through my heart as per your instructions, it felt very much like turning a rubber glove inside out. First my torso and head went through, and then my feet. Would that be a good analogy to help people understand this meditation?


Yes, that is a very good analogy. [Elora: Sometimes I feel as if I'm part of the way into Your World, but not completely.] When this occurs, state three times, "Heru, take me entirely into Your World." Then you will be all the way in. [Note: This works! If you find yourself partially drifting out of Heru's World, you can also use this affirmation.]


Elora: This meditation was much easier than I thought it would be. It felt like I went into a deep, black void, except that I could think, which is unlike the Void I usually go into. Normally when I access the Void, any thoughts will bring me out.


Yes, you are correct, and you were there. In this Meditation, unlike other techniques of accessing the Void, you take your whole Self in there. When you have been going into the Void using your other technique, you have in essence not taken the mind with you. In this technique you are able to do so. You may work in the Void and do the work that you do from the Void, still having mental clarity and activity should you desire to use it. It makes it a much more versatile tool.


Also, entering into what I would call My World, there is the ability to think clearly and act in spirit outside of your personal coloring and concepts and everything that you consider You, outside your personal identity. And that makes this an incredibly potent avenue and a wise place from which to make decisions. This is a wonderful place from which to gain perspective of the greater reality, because you really stand outside of time, space, duality, karma, and this world, and can truly see freedom.


Elora: I was working with you in Your World, holding a visualization. However, my mind drifted and therefore I was polluting the visualization. So I stopped and did it again, and again my mind drifted. Why did this happen? And did this ruin my visualization?


It is a matter of practice. Because you can go in there with your mind, this makes it a more versatile tool than the technique you have been originally using. The fact that you take your mind in there is a double-edged sword because yes, it will wander. And with practice, you will be better at it. But do not concern yourself if your mind wanders and your images become somewhat distorted, that you are diluting or destroying the original intent. For at the point that your mind wanders, you lose the power that happens in the Void. So as you lose the power you also lose the power to distort it; you are just drifting off. Let it happen and bring yourself back.


Elora: Once I got fully in, I was surprised to notice that it was easy to stay in Your World, and I didn't want to leave. I looked around and noticed several things. One was the Door into Your World, the one that I had passed through. It seemed to have concentric rings, almost like a sphincter muscle, or the throat of a flower; and I saw purple and other colors, whereas there is no color in the Void. It also seemed that I could see Beings passing by the Door, and sometimes trying to get in. But I don't think I saw anyone enter while I was there. Was I seeing correctly?


Yes, that is a very good description of it. [Elora: Could we say that Door is a Portal, and you are the Guardian of that Portal?] Absolutely.



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