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Part 2 - THE SECOND MEDITATION: The Axiatonal Activation

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Part 2 - THE SECOND MEDITATION: The Axiatonal Activation

Elora: Please describe the second meditation.


The Second Meditation deals with a Star Tetrahedron, the base of which is at the Dantien [The Dantien is a point between the navel and the pubic bone] and the top of which is at the Pineal Gland. The Star Tetrahedron is composed of two interlinked tetrahedrons, one pointing up and the other downwards. This form rotates in all directions - up, down, sideways, and so on. As it does so, from each point of this Star Tetrahedron there is a line of Light, a line of life. That is your connection with the Gridwork that holds you here. And these Lines stretch into infinity. Do not get too into your head as to whether the Lines will get tangled as you spin, just spin and feel the energy going out to infinity along these Lines.


Elora: What is the benefit of this exercise?


It activates all of the Lines of the Gridwork and accesses all of your multi-dimensionality, everywhere that you exist in this Universe. For you may have an atom in your abdomen, where the orbit of the electron extends so far as to extend outside this Galaxy - this is how big you are. This Meditation enables you to see and feel that bigness. And it again is infinite.


This Meditation will also open all of the Meridians in the body, and connect them with their infinite source of energy, so that connected with each Meridian is limitless Light. It connects all of the Meridians to the Axiatonal Grid. Through Meridian activation one then becomes consciously connected with all of one's Dimensional Selves, and the Monad.


With the creation of each Human Soul, and the Soul as it embodies in a body, is a portion - not a fragment but more like a holographic portion - of the original Force of Creation. And you may access that portion through this technique. That is part of its great power.


Elora: Please define "Dantien".


The Dantien is a point between the navel and the pubic bone, about an inch and a half in diameter. It is a sphere that is the center of gravity for the body, and that when fully activated can resonate with a density comparable to that of the Center of the Earth. As such it is a very powerful point in the body.


Elora: Please define "Axiatonal Grid".


The Axiatonal Lines are the meridians that pass through the body.


They are not vertical only, although your Acupuncturists and so on see only the vertical part of them. When two or more or these lines meet they generate a vortex, and out of that come the horizontal lines. And these lines pass through the body. They do not come from the body - they are infinite in nature, and the body hangs upon them. [Elora: Where do they come from?] It's as though they don't come from anywhere; they are everywhere. They are our direct link to the Infinity. In activating them, one supersedes time and space limitations. And it is at that point, when they are fully active, that Beings bi-locate very easily and can travel through space and time and dimensions at will. Therefore the Star Tetrahedron that is within each person is not a Merkaba vehicle in itself, but it is more like the engine of the Merkaba which then can be activated.


Elora: What is the difference between the Star Tetrahedron in this meditation, and the Merkaba?


Both have the form of the Star Tetrahedron, or the interlocked forms of two tetrahedrons. However with the Merkaba the tetrahedrons rotate in opposite directions. This one does not counter rotate within itself. In addition, a Merkaba is in a sense a travel vehicle. This is not a Merkaba; it has a different function and purpose. In fact, it is almost a travel vehicle in reverse, where it will bring the Universes to you rather than having you travel to the Universes.


Elora: What is the special power or virtue of the spinning tetrahedron?


To answer that question would bring up a lengthy description of Sacred Geometry. It is one of the building blocks of the Geometries of Creation, one of the Sacred Shapes, and as such it carries great power.


Elora: I felt dizzy during this Meditation.


If you find this exercise dizzying, you may slow down the motion of the spin of the Star Tetrahedron. This is more of a passive meditation than the first one, which is fairly active. In the First Meditation you are drawing energy into the Hara Line and the Light Filaments. The Second Meditation is more of a passive awareness where you are the observer, and you observe the change in energy as each of these points activates a meridian. As you observe the turning of the Tetrahedron and point of a star touching a meridian, it's almost like a chime being struck. You just listen to that sound or feel that vibration. Let it resonate within you and it will activate the Light Body. And much can be done with that.


Elora: Should I cause the Tetrahedron to spin?


Many people will go at this Meditation actively and attempt to spin the Tetrahedron at a certain velocity. In fact it is better to not pressure the Tetrahedron to spin at any particular velocity, but just to observe it. Westerners especially tend to be hyper and want to jump in and make something happen, but that is the antithesis of this experience. The Tetrahedron is already spinning at its own speed, and actually is spinning at many frequencies. So whatever speed you tune into will be the appropriate one for you to follow at that moment. At different times as your consciousness changes it will spin at different rates, and there is no value given to the speed of it. Faster or slower is not better. Different frequencies would hit different frequencies within you.


Elora: I've been visualizing the Tetrahedron spinning here and there and going around in a somewhat random pattern. Suddenly, as I was sitting and reading with it spinning in the back of my mind, it began spinning in all directions simultaneously. In other words, it began spinning in all directions, within all the Dimensions, so that it's spinning every direction within the Now. When it did that, its sensations also shifted and became much milder. Is this how it should be?


That is correct. [Elora: It is hard to describe this so that people could visualize it.] I think it is one of these things that you cannot get too much in your head about, as it is not easy to picture it mentally. It is something that you have to experience. So if you allow yourself to experience this Star Tetrahedron and it is only spinning in one direction or Dimension at a time that is fine. As you spend more time with this Meditation it will open up to deeper and deeper levels. In your case this happened because you have been working with the Meditation.



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