The return of light


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Elora: Heru, please describe the First of your Meditation Techniques.


The First Meditation is a breathing exercise. In this Meditation, you are linking the breath with the Hara Line [Heru’s definition: The Hara Line is an energetic line passing vertically through the center of the body. It extends beyond the center of the body in both directions, and it is the energetic axis upon which the body is manifested]. With the inbreath, breathe in and pull energy from below along the Hara Line. And breathe in "He" [Heru, pronounced "hay"]. Breathe in and pull energy, from as far and as deep down as you can reach, up through the top of the head. With the inbreath, bring the breath up through the body as high as you can go. Remember that the Hara Line is infinite, both above and below. With the exhale, pull down from above, from as far up and as high as you can reach, and breath "ru". And breathe down through the Hara Line, down as far as you can go.


What is the effect of the "he" and "ru"?


They carry the vibration of me. [ Elora: So this meditation also connects a person to you? To your Powers, your Light?] Yes. This would be my way to Infinity, which of course is not the only way, but it is my road.


Elora: Please describe the effects and benefits of this Meditation.


First of all, this is the most relaxing of these three Meditations, so a benefit of it will be deep calmness. The way of this is as follows:


The Axiatonal Lines extend beyond the body like meridians. They go down through the Earth, through the Sun, through the Central Sun of the Galaxy and on and on until you reach the Godverse or Omniverse - and likewise above. These Lines will also, at some point, go through all of your Star ancestry, and you can be linked with this. This Line will pass through the Planets, the Galaxies, the Universes that you have originated from. And you may pull down through these Lines Beings, ancestors, memories, and many such experiences.


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