The return of light

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This Book would not be complete without a Homage devoted to the Twin Soul/Flame of Heru whom we call Durga or Sekhmet. Heru and Durga/Sekhmet are my Cosmic Progenitors, and therefore she is my true Mother in a very real sense. It was she, in fact, who contacted me even before I knew of my relationship to Heru. I had no idea who she was, only that a mighty Being had come into my life with a power beyond anything I had yet experienced. One night I called upon her for protection, and suddenly found that three Etheric lions had manifested in my bedroom. This was my first hint as to her identity.


I then realized that this Being was the Goddess whom in India is called Durga. Durga is revered in India as one of the best loved embodiments of the Divine Feminine. She is always associated with lions or tigers and is most commonly shown riding on the back of a lion. Legends tell of a time on Earth when the Forces of Darkness had so oppressed our Planet that even the Gods themselves were helpless. Durga appeared at that time and, with a power that none could withstand, defeated the demons and other evil forces. It is said that, like Vishnu, Durga manifests when cosmic balance is threatened and is an upholder and guardian of Dharma.


After Karen began to channel the Ascended Masters and Creator Gods, I was able to communicate directly with this great Being. She confirmed that she is the one who is known as Durga, as well as the Lion Goddess Sekhmet of Egypt and White Jaguar Lady of Central America. She also stated that she was known as Artemis in ancient Greece. Each of these Goddesses represents a different facet of her Being. She told us that it is like turning a faceted jewel. As each facet reflects the light, so a different part of her nature is revealed. Therefore when I connect to her as Artemis, I feel the sense of wild, remote places, of mountain crags, of the night sky, and wild animals.


When I connect to her as Sekhmet, I experience a mighty, royal, overwhelming power. The name Sekhmet, in fact, literally means "the powerful" or "the mighty".


I came to see that while Heru embodies Knowledge and Wisdom, Durga/Sekhmet embodies Divine Energy and Power. In working with my Progenitors, I found that when I wanted to know something, I would call upon Heru. When I needed to have something done, I would call upon Durga/Sekhmet. In the Eastern traditions each God has his Shakti, the Divine Energy of existence. Without his Shakti, the God would be mind without life, knowledge without movement, vision without creativity. Therefore, while it is Heru who gave us the material for this Book, homage is due to the one who completes him, whose power and creative force are the complement to his wisdom and vast consciousness.


As our work with Heru progressed, time and again we found that we needed assistance, protection, and healing. We repeatedly came under fire from the Dark side for our part in bringing this crucially important work to the world. In addition, the acceleration of our spiritual growth continually brought old wounds to the surface to be healed and released. Scarcely a day has gone by that we have not called upon Durga/Sekhmet for help, and never has she failed us. Without her this Book could never have come to fruition.


Of all the Aspects of my Cosmic Mother, most dear to my heart is her manifestation as White Jaguar Lady. I found that often when I called upon her in the Aspect of Sekhmet, I would see a pyramid surmounted by the full moon - but not an Egyptian pyramid. Instead it was a flat-topped structure, such as those built by the Mayans and Aztecs, and was surrounded by jungle. I saw myself sitting at the base of this pyramid, waiting and praying. On nights when the Moon was high and full, a shining Goddess would descend the pyramid, flanked by two lionesses. In researching Sekhmet, I came across the site of Maia Nartoomid at Maia, who writes compellingly about Sekhmet, describes an ancient temple in Central America:


"Qetalaxitolutum: Remnants of this Sekhmet Temple are still within the rich, green tangle of the Yucatan, not far from the uncovered portion of the Mayan Chichen Itza ruins. It was dedicated by Queen Amaluxal to the 'White Jaguar Lady' or 'Lady Dalia', in eons past. Amaluxal created a 'Palace-Temple' for the Cat-woman appearing to her in her visions, whom she called the White Jaguar Lady. It was only after an Egyptian named 'Three-Hawk' came from Egypt to Qetalaxitolutum, with sacred 'Star Charts', that the Queen realized her Lady Dalia to be one and the same as the lion-headed Sekhmet. With the help of Three-Hawk, an initiate of Sekhmet, Queen Amaluxal reformed her palace into a true initiatory Temple of Sekhmet." (Heru says that "Three-Hawk" was none other than himself, in one of his incarnations.)


To return to her embodiment as Durga, the best representations of her give a clue to the nature of this magnificent Being. She rides a lion and brandishes fearsome weapons with her many arms. Yet her beautiful face is serenely smiling, filled with compassion and tenderness. One day, when the battle for this Creation is entirely won, she will lay down her weapons and the warrior nature she has assumed out of necessity, and once again devote herself wholly to her role as the great Creator Goddess who has given birth to Souls, to Worlds, and to Universes.


To my Divine Mother, whose love and power have sustained me and whose grace overlights me, I dedicate the days of my life and the fruits of my work.



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