The return of light

Chapter THIRTY: In Memory of Elora Gabriel

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Chapter THIRTY: In Memory of Elora Gabriel



Elora Gabriel - December 20, 1950 – December 6, 2006


Elora Gabriel quietly and peacefully left this world after a long illness. She was not only a great Light to those who knew her, but brought a great teaching into this world through the work on The Return of Light . She will be deeply missed by all. After founding two successful online business, she held that The Return of Light was her greatest achievement.


A Letter From Heru


My Dear Friends and Readers,


This news of Elora’s leaving the Earth is accompanied with much sadness for many. I am here to tell you that it was her Time, and that she has completed her Mission here on Earth. She is now in a very good place, far beyond the incarnational cycles of your Planet. As she was a way-shower in her life, so too she is a way-shower in her death. Very few people have been able to break out of the cycle of birth and death on your Planet. Fewer still have made it beyond all barriers to return to their Cosmic Home. She is doing this, and in doing so, she is opening the gates to all. This will effect not only your choices at your life’s end, but also many souls that are still bound by their karmic entrapments.


Few people, if anyone, know the full extent of her Work and Mission. Karen knows much, John her Husband knows much, but no one knows all that she has done. She will be greatly honored for the work she did in bringing Light and Liberation to this Earth and beyond. Take joy and pride in the fact that you are a part of this great Work. This Mission will not stop. The Federation of Light and I have asked Karen to continue this Work, and Karen has accepted this task. I am sure she will welcome your support and love.


To grieve is natural, but remember also to celebrate who she was on Earth and who she is in Eternity.


My Love and Blessings to All,

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