The return of light

Elora: The three of you?   Sananda/Jesus

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Elora: The three of you?


Sananda/Jesus: Yes, to insert ourselves into what is now your past - to effect a positive change, to break enough rules, that a brighter future was possible. How do you like that?


Elora: I think that it was a great sacrifice.


Sananda/Jesus: Yes, but it was only possible to come here inoculated by coming from the Future.


Elora: So you are saying that in the future, there will be developed an inoculation against Darkness that works?


Sananda/Jesus: Absolutely, 100%. I am incorruptible and you shall be as well.


Elora: You never had any Dark Aspect-Beings of yourself or tainted Aspects?


Sananda/Jesus: No. There are Beings masquerading as me who are of the Dark, and of course there are countless animated Thought Forms posing as me.


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1   ...   432   433   434   435   436   437   438   439   ...   458

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