The return of light

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Sananda/Jesus: Yes, and it is also true of my lovely Queen - Mary Magdalene - as well.


Elora: This was of great interest to me because about five years ago, when I first started remembering how I came here from the Light Sector, I retrieved what seemed to be a memory of how some of us got together and worked to bring you and Buddha and perhaps some other Beings here. It seemed to me that we had to open special Portals to bring you and the others in. Is there any truth to these memories?


Sananda/Jesus: Yes, that is true. Special “cloaking” was necessary and it was such a delicate endeavor that we did not try for massive numbers, just for quality rather than quantity of Beings.


Elora: Heru’s comment about how you and Mary (your Mother in the Jesus/Yeshua life) were already Ascended before coming here, and how you were specially brought here, makes me wonder if Ascended Masters are quite rare even in the Light Universes, and if therefore they were rare among the Light Forces who came here.


Sananda/Jesus: They are not so rare in the Light Sector. There were definitely Ascended Masters among the Beings who came here en masse in that large Wave [i.e. the Light Workers who arrived in this Sector 500 million years ago]. However as they came here they were subjected to the Fall and sort of lost their Ascended nature. We came with, I guess you could say, an inoculation against that virus [i.e. an inoculation against the Darkness]. Actually, let me speak a little more about that. We are Time Travelers, and we came from the future.


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