The return of light

Elora: Why doesn’t someone just get rid of them?   Sananda/Jesus

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Elora: Why doesn’t someone just get rid of them?


Sananda/Jesus: I would say they are held in place by collective belief at this point, that’s basically what’s left of them.


Elora: Almost like animated thought forms. Y es.


Elora: In “The Return of Light” you stated that you did die on the Cross, that you re-entered that body, Resurrected it, and then Ascended it. Yes.


Elora: There are many stories of your reappearance in different places after your Ascension—that you walked the Earth again, everywhere from the British Isles to the Americas. Is there any truth to these stories?


Sananda/Jesus: Very much so, yes. I walked on basically every continent. My purpose in doing so was to cover the Planet with the image of my Light Body or the form of my Light Body, in order to cement the reality of the Rule-Breaker. I just love that term! I’m in a rebellious mood today so let me fully embrace the rebel.


Elora: I’ve always been a rebel too, so I’m in sympathy with you. A Reader asks: “How do you see your Mission at this time, from the present vantage point of the Cosmic Battle between Light and Darkness and what is happening on this Planet?


Sananda/Jesus: There are a couple big questions in there. In essence I have been shut out of the Battle for Earth because of what I described at the beginning, and that is why I am not returning in a physical form as a Second Coming.


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