The return of light

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Sananda/Jesus: January 27th.


Elora: Other than being a Sun sign of Aquarius, what was your astrological make-up in that life?


Sananda/Jesus: I would say Pisces moon and Sagittarius rising.


Elora: Going back to your life: There are some records of your first twelve years. After that, I believe that nothing is known of you until the age of 30. Where were you and what were you doing during these so-called “lost years”?


Sananda/Jesus: I was an initiate in several different temples and places. First I was taken away to a remote Essene compound for five or so years and tutored in the deepest esoteric Hebrew mysteries. I then went to the Temples in Egypt and studied there for a great many years till I was about 28, when I went briefly to the Far East in India and then came back to do my Mission. It’s fairly well covered in the book “Aquarian Gospel of Jesus” ; that is a fairly accurate accounting of that part of my life.


Elora: It is generally believed that your Ministry on this Planet began when you were about 30 years old and ended with your death and Resurrection at the age of 33. Is this correct?


Sananda/Jesus: I don’t compartmentalize it quite so distinctly because I would say that it really began with my trip to the Far East. I did public work there, but what is recorded in the Middle East as my Ministry — yes, those three years.


Elora: What happened to you at the beginning of this Ministry in the Middle East, when you were baptized by John the Baptist and the Heavens opened, and there was apparently some kind of descent of Spirit?


Sananda/Jesus: That was the merging of myself with my Monad, where I became a complete incarnation of my Higher Self. It is something that is possible for every Human.


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