The return of light

Elora: I’d also like an update on the Divine Tide, what the status is, what it has accomplished, and so on.   Heru

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Elora: I’d also like an update on the Divine Tide, what the status is, what it has accomplished, and so on.


Heru: Part of this impetus for change is the result of the Divine Tide. The Divine Tide has that networking ability that was requested, and so most of the non-physical Dark Beings have been eliminated through this networking ability. Therefore in general attacks on Humans at this point are not multi-dimensional but are simply Human to Human psychic attacks that, until people clean their hearts up, are unavoidable.


Let me see what else has been accomplished. Those Light Workers who are open to it are finding their ability to manifest, especially money, much easier to do. I’m saying “those that are open to it”, being that many of the Light Workers have negative programs and belief systems in place that need to be worked with and removed and made conscious. There is a lot of unconscious self-sabotage that happens within those communities. But those who are aware of that mechanism and are following the Laws of Abundance which are outlined in various teachings — those who are aware and practice that without self sabotage are finding it easier to manifest.


Elora: When the Divine Tide came in, you mentioned that you would give us updates on various programs and Beings and so on that would be released. We sort of dropped the ball on that one, but is there anything you’d like to impart along those lines?


Heru: There is one thing that the Divine Tide has done; I’m sure you have noticed it maybe without really noticing it. Your ability, Karen’s ability, and even my ability to connect with Beings outside of this Creation has been greatly enhanced. Because of this you have been introduced to Conuel and El Baniel and Noahlel and been able to travel into the All. All of this is the result of the Divine Tide.


What else can we say about the effect of the Divine Tide? You have access, now, to so many Beings. It’s sort of like an apple tree with ripe apples waiting for you to discover them. There are an endless number of Beings that you can connect with and can bring to people to work with, such as when you connected with the Firstborn of the Mind of God and you connected them with people. And some people have gone on to utilize those Beings outside of your immediate circle of friends, and their work continues. That will happen with Conuel, and there are many other High Beings for you to contact who will be of great assistance.


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