The return of light

Part 2: The Prime Creator responds

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Part 2: The Prime Creator responds


Karen and I took Heru's advice, and we set out in an attempt to access some aspect of the consciousness of that being whom we call Creator. I must confess here that I have always felt extremely skeptical of those who profess to channel "God". In fact, in a lifetime of travels on the inner planes, I had never encountered any being or consciousness whom I could call God. However, when Karen and I called in the Prime Creator of this Creation at Heru's suggestion, there was indeed a response from a Consciousness which was both awesomely powerful and tenderly loving. I still do not know if our Prime Creator is the ultimate God beyond which there is no other. I do feel that we communicated with an aspect of the Consciousness of the Creator, however. The energy was so intense that the words coming through were sometimes, of necessity, extremely simple. I wish that these words could convey the profound power and love which filled the room during those moments.


Elora: Greetings to you, Creator. We have called on you in hopes that we can understand you better, and to heal our relationships with you. We understand that you are the One who created this Creation that we live in. Is this correct?


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