The return of light

Elora: What are the ramifications of this?   Heru

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Elora: What are the ramifications of this?


Heru: The ramifications are having this Planet and this area bathed in what you would perceive to be Photon Energy, or Light Energy, that is not corrupted and is very fresh and clean. So I think the impact on Earth would be to affect people in having them wake up from their drugged slumber of mass programming and so on. There would be a furthering of that. That was the big event that I didn’t want to talk about at the time.


I also want to address the fact that there are multiple initiatives happening at this time, which are aimed at both Earth and the Dark Sector. It’s like they are so woven together that it’s hard to separate out one from another; it’s difficult to sort out which one is doing what on this Planet. But maybe I can talk about the effects, rather than what is coming from the Ashtar Initiative and what is coming from the Angelic Realms and what’s coming from the God Realms, because everybody is working and focused on this Planet right now. One thing that people are seeing is continued revelations of the extent of the Darkness of the Leadership on this Planet, and finally it is getting through to the mainstream Media and to people in general. And you will see in this upcoming Election a lot of energy towards reform. I do not want to say that one party is less corrupt than another because the entire system is all feeding at the same trough, but when a lot of people are unseated in government and a wave of reform comes in, there is reform possible. And I see that happening in this Election coming up in the US. What I see happening from that is, in a sense, a momentum that is not able to be controlled by those in power. If the Lobbyists and the Big Businesses and all of this are really those who are pulling the strings in Congress, this reform movement is going to loosen that up some. There is going to be legislation passed that the Multi-nationals will not like; it is not going to be in their favor for the first time in many years.


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