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Part 6 — The Weather Project

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Part 6 — The Weather Project


Our Weather Task Force has been very effective in bringing rain, and sometimes reduction in excess heat, for many areas. The initial success in our work with the weather occurred in the Denver area, where twenty some counties were considered to be in a state of emergency due to drought. After we worked in this area, it received five inches of rain. Another dramatic success occurred a couple of weeks ago here in Western North Carolina. Though we’re not actually drought stricken, it has been a very dry summer. The water table was low and a few wells were going dry. Storms would head this way but would always break up before they got here. I followed the protocol for bringing rain with immediate success. An inch of rain fell that night, and three more inches the following night. Here is a letter from Donna, who heads up the Weather Task Force.


We currently have 33 members in the Weather Task Force group with people from England, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Mexico and Australia besides the states. Every other day Mary and I work together by phone with Shonara, Heru and all the vast army of Beings on the other side.


When the Constructs are removed, healing is brought. When that is complete then the next day the whole group works with the Lords of Magnetism and the following day we meditate for rain for those areas. Then we ask for the Beings that heal Nature and bring balance to come and work. We often see the animals moving again with joy.


So far: North Carolina has rain - 4 inches. Colorado has been having consistent, gentle rain. Some sunny days, then another day of rain. (This follows the 5” of rain received earlier.) South Dakota - the Black Hills area has had rain. North Dakota - rain has started to come. (Note: a large construct near Bismark was removed a few days ago, and immediately Bismark had two inches of rain.) Minnesota - rains have come. New Mexico - this is now the greenest it has ever been in about 100 years. Arizona - has had rains, and Wyoming has had some areas of rain.


A letter from one Reader states: “I was talking to my stepdaughter in Tucson, Arizona. It had not rained at all there since October of 2005. She reported yesterday that is has rained everyday for three or four days now. The weather has been in the highs 80's and is comfortable.”


One of the Task Force Members who lives in Santa Fe wrote:


“As it is now, we are getting good rains on a regular basis here. The contrast to how this area looked several months ago is stupefying. I have mentioned that we (New Mexico) had been in the worst drought in 100 years. That is very obviously over, and the prairie up here (Santa Fe is in Northern New Mexico at an altitude of about 7000 feet) is growing grasses like I haven't seen in years. The landscape has literally gone from looking like the surface of Mars to being soft, verdant meadowlands (with cactuses). There was actually fog outside this morning when I got up. They are predicting lots of heavy rains this week all over New Mexico (Albuquerque, in the middle of the State at about 5000 feet above sea level, has flooded twice this month) and have been issuing warnings for flooding and for lightning.”


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