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Heru: Correct. And that is how it is in the Light Sector.   Part 5 - A Process of Purification

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Heru: Correct. And that is how it is in the Light Sector.


Part 5 - A Process of Purification


It has been an intense couple of weeks, and we have had very little opportunity to channel. However, we can report a few things.


At the end of July, Heru told us to prepare ourselves for “six to eight weeks of great intensity” as the last barriers fell. This would take us through the middle to the end of September. We are still moving through the process that he foretold, and it certainly has been a roller coaster.


It was forecast that when the Atomic Correction reached the 35-40% marker, the Light Forces would be able to begin their entry into the dense physical. We don’t have an exact number for the Correction right now, but it has reached and exceeded that point. However we have learned that the Mass Human Consciousness, most of which is very limited and darkened, is holding the density on the surface of our World at a lower [denser] point than it would be otherwise, given the extent of the Atomic Correction. This situation is being worked on. It has also been found that Earth’s timeline had been tampered with once again, thus not allowing our Planet to move forward into its imminent and positive future. That, too, is being corrected as I write.


The main event that I am aware of on the Higher Dimensions is a vast cleansing and purification that is sweeping through all levels. So profound is this process that at times the Higher Beings are not able to be in touch with us. The last strongholds of Darkness are being destroyed, and we’re told that all will be restored in perfection.


To check on this, we recently scanned someone whom we knew to be full of implants, probably millions of them, as this unfortunate person had been under attack daily for many years and was always surrounded by Dark Beings. No implants whatsoever were found. They had simply dissolved — vanished. This may not be 100% true across the board, but is very hopeful.


There are still some Dark Higher Dimensional Beings around, but we believe their days are very short.


We also scanned for weather constructs and the Frequency Fences. All such constructs were found to be dissolving. The larger ones will, of course, take longer. The Universes in the Dark Sector are also looking much better than they were.


We looked at the Monadic Ladder in a number of Humans. All the Dark Human Aspects had been converted to Light. This is a huge achievement. Everything except for the Dense Physical Plane and Earth’s Dimensions One and Two appears to be of pure Light. Many Dark Beings are still hiding in the First and Second Dimensions. That will be addressed soon.


This process of purification will be seen, felt, and known on dense physical Earth as soon as the last barriers come down.


As a final note, here is an interesting letter from one of our Readers, received about ten days ago:


“The God Warriors and others are really making progress. During the past Saturday and Sunday evenings, I actually was hearing thunder-like sounds with my physical ears. There was no thunderstorms or clouds in the area at the time and the sounds were as much like as artillery going off as it was thunder.

There was considerable light flashing and movement of Light Beings to be seen as well. Most of this activity was seen during the day and via the peripheral vision. The troops are here now, without a doubt.


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