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Elora: Can you give us an update on the Twin Flame Rift?   Heru

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Elora: Can you give us an update on the Twin Flame Rift?


Heru: There is progress; it is slower than to my liking.


Elora: Here is a Reader question on this topic: “My Father transitioned on 3/9/06. Does Heru have any perspective on whether we will be reunited with our non-physical loved ones as part of the rescue? The longing I feel for my father’s presence is at times excruciating.” It is my understanding from our correspondence that this Reader’s Father was actually her Twin Flame.


Heru: First, that re-uniting will happen in the way that I have described, in opening the heart to this dynamic and in finding your beloved in everything. That is the first part of the healing and that is a necessary step for everyone, whether they have met their Twin or not. But if they have that deep longing for their Twin, if they will allow that greater love to move through them in that way, they will find healing. Again it becomes problematic when there is an insistence on physical contact, physical exclusivity with the Twin. That will happen naturally when harmony has been replaced in this Fallen Sector.


Elora: Are you saying that we won’t re-unite with our Twin Flame until we have harmony in this Sector and until we’ve moved beyond the overwhelming desire to be with them on the same level?


Heru: No, I’m not saying that, but I am saying that it is not really known when that will happen and whether it will happen in this Third Dimensional lifetime for everyone. For some it will, for some it may not, and in many cases it is yet to be determined. What I am saying is that you will hasten your progress in this reuniting by surrendering to this flow of Love.


Elora: Here’s another Reader question. This Reader previously asked whether some Twin Flames would be coming in on the Divine Tide, and you said that they would and that many would be Walk-ins. “My Twin said he would not be using a host body, in other words he would have his own body, and just appear on the Planet. He also said he would be a whole Light Being. Would you ask Heru if I got that correctly; is that possible? Again, thank you. (There are other people want to know all this as well).”


Heru: Yes, that is possible. I think some rather profound breakthroughs need to take place before this can actually materialize, but absolutely without a doubt it is possible and yes, you did hear correctly.


Elora: Going back to the previous question, when all the Portals open up, giving us access to other realms, won’t we have full access to the Higher Dimensional Beings, whether through our going to them or them coming to us? Yes.


Elora: So for two Beings who are separated by the Dimensions, then once the Earth Changes really happen here, that separation should no longer be a factor?


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