The return of light

Part 4 — A Discourse from Heru on Twin Flames

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Part 4 — A Discourse from Heru on Twin Flames


Heru: I would like to talk tonight about Twin Flames and the polarity structure of this Creation. I have already touched on this somewhat in The Return of Light but I would like to go into further detail.


This Universe, and this whole Creation, were founded on the structure of polarity — what you know as Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative dynamics. Not an atom moves without the polarity of the Yin and the Yang dynamic. And even though not every Being in this Universe is created with a Twin, that polarity dynamic still exerts a great sway on the structure and the function of every Being, great or small, and every thing great and small. This polarity makes the atoms move, it makes the Galaxies swirl, it makes the Universes expand.


One of the great miracles and mysteries of this vast polarity is that a particle of the unique signature of the Love of each pair of Twin Flames exists within every atom of this Creation. This is true not just for Humans but for Creator Gods as well, and anyone else who has a Twin. That Love is a truly infinite river, and when it is allowed to flow through the Human heart it brings an expanded awakening, a very rapid growth, of that Being.


I know the norm on this Planet is that when the Twins meet it’s often a train wreck, because of the distortion and the Twin Flame Rift. But for those of you reading this — if you have experienced the meeting of your Twin and have felt the great pain of this rift — I think what I have to say can bring comfort and healing. There is a great tendency to focus obsessively on the physical form of the other half of the Twin, which narrows the heart and cuts off the flow of the universality of this Love. For those of you who have met your Twins and have found the relationship to be one clouded by Karma and disharmony and heartbreak, I would recommend this: Instead of reaching forward to grasp the other, that you lean back into your heart and open yourself to this Universal River of Love and allow it to pour forth through you, opening your heart to the magnificence of this fantastic dynamic that exists in every atom of this Creation. Realize that your Love is not so small as to be contained only in two bodies, but your Love is part of what makes the Earth go around the Sun, and the Sun go around the Central Sun, and all the Stars pour forth their Light on Creation. The dynamic of your Twin Love is contained within the moonlit dewdrops in a summer’s night, it is contained within the rainbows, it is contained within the ocean spray and the nectar that the butterflies sip. Open yourself up to that magic movement and understand that you are an intrinsic part of the fabric of life, that all life within this Creation has its foundation in polarity, and polarity is the great engine that moves this particular Creation. Your Love is the fuel of that polarity; your love is the dynamic of that polarity. And once you tap into it, you can experience the Universal Love and the universal dynamic of this motion. You may constrict your focus on the physical desire for your Twin in a Third Dimensional body. But if you reverse your vision and understand that this is but the nerve endings of vast, giant hands touching, and expand that awareness to let this love flow through your heart, then more and more you will see your beloved in everything, in everyone, and everywhere.


Elora: I know that when Karen met her Twin Flame, she said that she could see herself and her Twin in every atom of the Universe, in the Yin and the Yang of everything. Another person who met her Twin on a Higher Dimension says that when she tunes in, she can feel his vibration in everything — a stone, a tree, the steering wheel of her car. Yes.


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