The return of light

Part 3 – An Update from 6 August 2006

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Part 3 – An Update from 6 August 2006


Elora: We have recently learnt that many of the constructs created by the Dark were in the process of coming down. We asked Heru:


Elora: I would like to check on structures, constructs, and the like, which were either Dark or had a lot of Darkness holding them together.


Heru: Let us look at the institution of Karma, as I gave that discourse the other day. As I said the other day it is in free fall, and it is in this point in total chaos, so it looks like the underpinnings of that structure have been dismantled. Let me make a comment about that too. One of the reasons that the Darkness wanted to create this structure was that it put the accountability for a disharmonious action into the future — and then they would manipulate time as we have discussed in the past, so that the accountability never came due. And all of this now is crashing. So their accountability is due now.


Elora: Yes, I’d say overdue. What about the Frequency Fences?


Heru: What Frequency Fences there were still are crashing down also. Even though this time looks very bad in a sense it is very good. It is truly Armageddon right now, and this is going to be the turning point for us.


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