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The same Reader wrote as follows

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The same Reader wrote as follows: “I also received a message about sound and I heard the Dolphins and the Whales on the Inner Planes. Something needs to be done on the sonar energy in the ocean. Sound is very key in raising frequency and if we can get the Dolphins and the Whales back in shape (yes, they are requesting our help, I hear), they can get their true sound back and if the waters, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean especially, are cleared, the Dark will lose so much power. I see what they are doing on the ocean floors and what they are doing to the fish/mammals, vegetation, etc. I see also what is being done to crops. There is a huge urgency this week and I am hearing a “bellowing” sound right now, like a cry from the Etheric, and then I see a large hawk fly by in the Etheric and then I see Nature and the harm to animals, I see jungles, etc. I am going to work on this immediately and I am told I can because everything is going to start manifesting in the physical in August. I was told this for months. August is the month of physical manifestation so to insure that no [irreparable] harm is done to vegetation, animals, trees, mammals, wildlife, nature, reservoirs, plants, oceans, etc.” Would you comment on this, Heru?


Heru: Yes, that is correct. I am going to recommend that we call Gonarion and ask for two more words. The first word will be for the restoration of the sound of the Whales and Dolphins and it is ME-LE-FA (pronounced MEE-LEE-FA). And the second, a word for the restoration of Nature, is: RU-MEL-LO (pronounced ROO-MELL-LO). Any of the Readers who would like to help with this may use one or both of these words in their meditations to re-establish that vibration on Earth.


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