The return of light

Elora: Please clarify what you mean by the thin layer of Darkness — the Dense Physical Realm?   Heru

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Elora: Please clarify what you mean by the thin layer of Darkness — the Dense Physical Realm?


Heru: Yes. And the Dark Beings contained within it, and within some of the Beings in that Realm.


Elora: Thanks, please continue.


Many of you have suffered [psychic] attacks in recent weeks, which have grown increasingly fierce, and this is a result of this work. I would like, at this point, to introduce some Beings who are from outside this Creation and who can be very powerful allies in protecting you if you are under attack. First is a Race of laser-eyed Beings known as the Ramalohans. They are very tall in appearance, though you need not see them to call on their help. Just call them in by their group name and ask them to destroy with their laser-eyed beams the Beings that are attacking you, and to use the networking ability of the Divine Tide to go after the entire class of Beings and Family of Beings that are attacking you — to go back to the source. I would like to introduce the Namarians as well. They are also a Race of Beings from outside this Creation, otherwise called the Tall Ones. Their best ability is to dissolve the effect of an attack. So if you have been attacked and feel that you have been implanted or slimed or have any residue from Dark Beings, you may call upon the Namarians and ask them to dissolve any of this structure or residue that has been placed upon you.

[Note: The Namarians have a tremendous power to create or dissolve by thought, and are helpful for many other types of work as well. Another new group of Beings which Heru did not mention, but which we recommend for protection, are the Shelorians. They are the newest and most powerful group of Light Warriors, and are distinguished by a large ray of Light which comes out of the heart area. Once you call a group of Shelorians to you, they are very faithful and will remain to protect you. They have good vision and a high degree of alertness. I believe that they came in on the Divine Tide. Heru continues:]


Also, embedded in the Divine Tide are enhanced aspects of Archangel Michael who have golden shields. You may also call upon them to protect you. It is of great concern to me that so many people are under attack at this time. Use the mantra for protection from Gonarion and that will also help. I feel that the next two months are going to be a pivotal time for your Planet. I urge all of you to keep yourselves protected. I want to tell you to stockpile — not food and candles the way you would if a hurricane were coming — but to in a sense stockpile inside of yourself. Prepare yourself for six to eight weeks of great intensity, and know that what you are enduring now will not last forever although it feels interminable.

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