The return of light

Reader: Can you get their coordinates, and can we get rid of them now?   Heru

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Reader: Can you get their coordinates, and can we get rid of them now?


Heru: I have uploaded that, and that should be taken care of fairly quickly. That is the source of many of the weather control programs that are affecting that area.


Reader: Is there anything else in that area?


Heru: There are some bad sorcerers in that area that are also affecting this, like Dark Shamans.


Reader: Can anything be done with them?


Heru: I think that perhaps the best thing to do with them is to neutralize the effect of their negative emanations by calling for an instant return of their karma, so that everything that they put out is reversed and in a sense pushed back into them.


Reader: Whom should we ask to do this?


Heru: Archangel Michael. It would be very good to call in a lot of his Aspects. He is able to create a sort of mirrored shield that will reflect back to these Beings what they are putting out.


Reader: Now would you have the Seers do the same scan on our area, which is getting very dry again.


Heru: Yes, it is. The same kinds of ships are present in your area. There are plenty of Negative Shamans as well but it is somehow not having the same effect. The Seers are also saying that there is something about the forests, that they are not magnetized to draw water in the way that they normally would be. They've sort of lost their ability to pull the water in. I don't know if that has to do with the Elementals, but somehow there is a loss of magnetism to bring the water.


Reader: Whom should we call upon - the Lords of Magnetism? Yes, and just ask them to restore it.


Reader: Does that apply to the Rocky Mountain area as well? Yes.


Reader: Is there a similar magnetism in the Plains? There would be in the plants.


[Note: as of July 6th we had a letter from another Reader who also lives near Aurora, Colorado, and who learned about our work with the weather. This work was done in the very last part of June and the first day or two of July and was very effective, although there are still some areas of Colorado needing rain. In my own area of Western North Carolina, we have had success as well, as we had substantial rain in the past two days.]


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