The return of light

Heru: Yes.   Elora

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Heru: Yes.


Elora: So now the Creator is finally acting to expel the dark invaders. This is a time of great joy. But, as we who have suffered the effects of this event begin to raise our heads and to see the Light again, mixed with our gratitude are the painful emotions that I've just described. So I feel that the healing which will take place must also occur within the family of this Creation itself, between Creator and creatures. We have uncountable numbers of Beings now who have ceased, on some level and to some degree, to trust God. How will this trust be restored?


Heru: I don't know that I have the answers to this. These are profound and deeply sorrowful questions. And I am sort of in the middle, where I have participated in the creation of the universes. I have watched them fall, and have been to some degree powerless to prevent or correct that. I don't even know how to begin to address the sorrow and the loss.


Elora: I know that when I feel anger at someone, that anger immediately evaporates when I can stand in that person's shoes. Perhaps if we, the creatures in this Creation, could truly grasp what the Creator went through when the invasion occurred, then we could forgive this great lapse of time and the unspeakable horrors that have happened.


Heru: Yes. I would suggest attempting a direct communication, having Karen channel the Creator. And express what you have expressed to me, directly.


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