The return of light

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Elora: In this Book, you speak of the Invasion of the Dark, and the Great Rescue that is upon us. Why has none of this information been available in any form until now?


Until the recent advent of the Omniversal Energy, the Forces of the Dark were able to block access to the cellular memory within each individual. In doing so, access to the entire story was successfully suppressed.


Elora: Heru, what would you wish to convey to Humanity at this time?


Beloved Humans, I would have you know that many of you have come into this Universe with missions of Light and Healing and Hope. Because of the degraded nature of where this Planet and this whole Sector of Creation are, most of these plans have not been fulfilled. Therefore there is a deep frustration, anguish, pent up creativity, and so on, that is very heart wrenching to witness on my part. I know that for each of you to have had your highest dreams of giving Service subverted and perverted and stopped has to be painful beyond words. And first, I want to say that the most important thing that all of you have done collectively and individually is to hold enough of the Light, enough of the Truth, and enough Integrity so that this World and this Universe are salvageable and will be restored. That is a service above and beyond any of your individual dreams of Service, and this is the most important thing that you have done.

Though some of you may at this point be heartsick, weary, soul fatigued, and damaged, you have been successful. You are the Great Heroes. There is no medal or commendation that could honor you enough. Please take this deep within your heart: that each and every one of you who has held onto even a speck of the Light, even a particle of integrity, have been victorious. The promise of restoration and restitution is at hand, and the time that you will actually be able to see this is very near.


Some of what you will read in this Book is a frank and unveiled look at the past of Human-kind on this Planet. It may be somewhat disturbing for you to read this, but I want you to know that the only reason this stark truth is being allowed to come forward at this time is because of the certainty and the nearness of the dissolving of all that is of the Dark. It is truly very close to us now, and even upon us. And as part of the healing, it is necessary for us to take a good strong look at where we have come from, and how close we have come to annihilation. Much of this was withheld until now, for the purpose of not driving people into despair by the extent to which the Dark energy had corrupted this Creation. But now that we are at the turning of the tide, we can express to you simultaneously both the harsh danger we have all been in, and the rescue that is at hand.


For you, Dear Reader, as you take into your heart the entirety of this picture, it will trigger very deep emotions for many, as it has for the people involved in bringing this Book forward. For there has been much damage and hardship and loss for so many of you. This will touch upon the very deepest buried memories that you carry within you - in your personal records, in your cellular DNA, in your bones. And it is stored in the very stones of this Earth. As you walk upon her battered soil, you cannot help but pick up the anguish that is everywhere around you, including the many battlegrounds - some of them physical, some etheric - that were never healed.

As these emotions surface, what I would recommend to you first and foremost is not to despair. For the Great Light has returned. And it will help you to feel that Light within you, to feel it supporting you. Secondly, to practice self-forgiveness, for many have done acts that would never be in their true nature to do. Self-forgiveness is one of the first steps in healing.


I would have you understand that in order for the healing to take place, it is necessary to some degree for each of you to look directly at how the Dark has impacted your life, how it has distorted who you are. This is not to jump into a quagmire and spend twenty-five years in therapy working through these realizations. What is being asked is for you to take a brief, concise, self-evaluating look at who you are in the moment and who you would be in an unfallen Creation. You have that blueprint within you, within every cell and every atom of your body. And you have the capacity to call that up and see it.


It is important to look at the past because in order to release what is there, it is necessary for it to first come into conscious awareness. I would add that it is not necessary to relive every single cut and scrape and broken arm throughout the millennia. What is needed for each of you is to look at your current lives and the imbalances in them - the big stories, the big heartaches, the big frustrations - and to understand that they fit into the overall pattern that you have carried with you for many thousands or millions of years.


Again, hold up your current imbalanced state, and compare it with who you would be in an unfallen world - that original blueprint that is so perfect, that is so beautiful, that is such an elegant and eloquent expression of Prime Creator. Your heritage, your lineage, and your destination all pertain to that perfection. That is who you are. Embrace it. And as you embrace it, what you need to process and to look at the imbalances will naturally well up from within you as you are ready to heal them. Imagine if you would that there are two blueprints we are looking at, the perfected one and the distorted one. And as you pull your distorted blueprint into alignment with the perfected one, piece by piece, issue by issue, and atom by atom, you will naturally process, in an ordered pattern, what needs to be done. Let me add to this that much help is here for you, and that you may call upon it freely.


Elora: Why is it necessary for us to know that we had come close to annihilation?


First, because it is the truth, and secondly, because it will give you a true understanding of the whole picture. Embedded in many beliefs and philosophies on this World is the concept that the Darkness is an illusion - that this is all Maya and a play of the Gods, that this is the Creator Gods having sport. And that illusion will persist unless a person truly understands the magnitude of this horrific invasion. As a result of living in a Fallen World, each one of you will have, to some extent, compromised pieces of truth, pieces of the Light, and pieces of yourself. Therefore, to hold onto that false belief is to still leave room for the Dark to act within you. And this is part of the necessary identification of the Dark, in order for it to be eradicated.


Elora: Can you speak about the relevance of your Three Meditations to the rest of this material, and why they might be especially useful throughout this time?


These Meditations are tools. They are not a path or a dogma or a religion to follow. They are merely offered to you as an assist at this time, to draw to you sufficient energy to proceed through the coming Earth Changes, and to give you many creative opportunities to process and manifest what will bring you back into alignment. The Third Meditation Technique is the heart of these Meditations, and it may be used in an infinite variety of ways as needed. It can be simply a place of refuge and peace, nurturing and healing, or it can be used to manifest deep and powerful healings and transformations. It can also serve as a room within which to dialogue with many of the Helpers who are here at this time.


Elora: Heru, would you like to conclude this Introduction with anything further for our Readers?


Beloved Reader, I call you forth to stand in front of myself and in front of Prime Creator; to hold forth your genuine heart and receive within it my blessing, my Love, my acknowledgement of your tribulations and your ultimate triumph. I add that the same is extended from Prime Creator. I fill your heart with a Golden Transforming Love that is the promise of full Redemption, and I ask that you receive this and let it grow.


[Elora:] We will conclude this Introduction with a few words from Durga/Sekhmet.


Elora: Sekhmet, is there anything that you wish to convey to Humanity at this time?


Yes. I would like to convey the absolute and complete joy in my heart for the advent and the Return of the Light, and the reclamation of all Beings large and small in this Universe. And I would also extend my hand to any who read this, that I make myself available for help and protection. For this next little while may be somewhat trying, and sometimes a comforting hand in a dark corridor can make all the difference. I extend my hand to all.


I also bring to you the message of hope beyond hope. It is certainty; it is really beyond words to convey to you the incredible magnitude of the Change that is at hand and very near. For those of you who are reading this: ask for help in any time of doubt and despair, to be given a vision of how close indeed we are to the point at which Humans on this Earth will be able to perceive that in reality the Great Change is happening. And this Great Change is the blessed return of all Light.


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