The return of light

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Part 2 - The Weather


Weather is a big concern these days, whether it is damaging storms, too much rain or not enough. I am posting this Section as it may give our Readers some ideas of how to work with problems in their areas. We asked Heru:


Elora: One of our Readers, who lives in an Eastern suburb of Denver called Aurora, wrote:


"I am working with the prairie and the elements here in Colorado and the whole prairie system. There is a drought here and the clouds are gone most of the day which is most unusual l - I can feel weather-tampering. I have been doing the meditation mentioned in the book and also asking the Light Warriors to locate and take care of the places that are doing weather-tampering. Can you please ask Heru what else we can do - and I am going to Prime Creator also - but would appreciate any input you receive."


There are some ET ships over that area tampering with the weather. They are Negative ET ships, triangular in form, and on the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.


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