The return of light

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This reader continues: "I would like to know if the above mentioned Atomic Correction is going as planned or if problems have cropped up that might delay its progress."


Heru: Nothing is stopping it. It is going slower than we had hoped, so work is being done to make it faster. And I think once the Divine Tide really starts to work, things should speed up more.


Another reader wrote: "What about developing Atomic Correction Generators which are suitable to be implanted into trees? Especially in and around big cities, they for sure would help a lot to counter the dense state of mind most people are in."


Heru: That's an excellent idea. We'll make that happen, so look for that to be available in the next few days.


[Note: Chafor, one of the Firstborn, is also developing a new enhancement for the Atomic Correction that he says will be ready within a few days.]


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