The return of light

Part 2 – Update on The Atomic Coreection

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Part 2 – Update on The Atomic Coreection


Elora: Heru, we'd like to check on the status of the Atomic Correction. Let's call in our group of Seers.


Heru: They say that Earth’s Central Atom is now about 22% corrected


Elora: Last time the figure was given as about 19% lighter than before. By that did they mean 19% corrected? Yes.


Elora: Here are some questions from readers on the Atomic Correction.


Reader: "Given that the recent Atomic Correction appears to be working, it would seem that we are out of the woods as far as Earth's rescue is concerned. It is my feeling that unforeseen problems can still occur with people and other life forms getting accustomed to the Atomic Correction or nuclear materials acting up as a result of the correction, for example." Elora: Heru, can you comment on that?


Heru: I don't foresee any of the nuclear materials acting up. Yes, this Planet is out of danger of immediate destruction. Any given life form at this point is not out of danger. But for the whole of Gaia herself, things have gotten to the point where she herself is out of danger, and can actively participate in the work that is going to come in terms of all the corrections that will take place.


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