The return of light

Elora: Greetings, Heru, How are you feeling with this influx of energy?   Heru

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Elora: Greetings, Heru, How are you feeling with this influx of energy?


Heru: It's pretty wonderful.


Elora: So, it appears that the Divine Tide arrived on schedule. What has it accomplished so far?


Heru: It is in the very beginning stages, therefore it's not so much that it's accomplished anything as that it is just arriving and penetrating all of space. As I was saying previously to you, the grandness and vastness of this Tide will unfold over weeks, months, and even years - all that is embedded and encoded in this Tide. Imagine, if you would, the tide of an ocean - if you were to take away the waves and have a still day without waves - and you have just begun to get the first few inches of the tide. And that tide will go many feet and really many miles. So you are just getting the first taste of it. It is truly a wonderful thing, this Tide.


I believe it is programmed to at first just gently wash in and fill all the spaces, fill every atom and every Being and every molecule, and that it will take several weeks before any of the programs begin to be implemented. As we get closer to that time I will then describe which programs and which Beings are being activated. You may expect to meet many wonderful Beings. I do expect this Divine Tide to have imbedded in it the return of some of the Archangels who have left, and the return of some of the magical Beings like the Dragons and Unicorns and so on, that they will begin to appear to people. And that will be part of the key to the restoration, awakening in Humans the magic that exists in all life - the creative patterns, the many wonderful things that you were always supposed to be experiencing, not the drudgery.


Elora: This morning when I stepped fully into the Energy of the Divine Tide, I could feel something like a rhythmic pulsing, almost like a giant heartbeat. What is this?


Heru: It is just the basic pulse of life that Prime Creator has embedded in this Wave, to energize all life and to bring all life back into harmony with that rhythm.


Elora: As we've discussed, the Divine Tide contains a strong energy for manifestation. Can you give any suggestions for our Readers regarding how to access and use this energy for manifestation and creation in their lives? Or should they just use the techniques that we've discussed?


Heru: The techniques we've already discussed would be a good focusing point. But really the most important thing for people to access is the starting point, which is this energy. And perhaps that heartbeat, that golden wave - that golden heartbeat of pulsing energy - is a good place to access it. The recommendation, then, would be to center oneself on that energy, to sit within it and do the techniques as outlined. There are also many other manifestation techniques around in the New Age community, and I think many of them would probably work.


Elora: Is there something along the lines of a faster rebound of energy happening - something like what we might call instant Kamuz? I've noticed some incidents recently that would seem to indicate this.


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