The return of light

Heru: Yes.   Elora

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Heru: Yes.


Elora: At this point Heru, I feel a need to ask: Do you trust God, the Prime Creator?


Heru: I trust the intentions. I do not always feel that the Prime Creator can totally reach into the Creation and effect the change that is needed. Just as I recently tried to manifest in your third dimensional world and was unable to, Prime Creator has attempted to deal with this but has been, up until now, unable to deal with it. [Elora: But you do absolutely and totally trust the intentions of Creator?) Yes.


Elora: I realized that there's a large part of me that no longer has that trust. I feel like a child in a household where an invader broke in and raped, tortured, and killed the children, while the parents stayed on the top floor of the house and didn't do anything. How could I ever trust my parents again?


Then a feeling came that is perhaps even worse than the anger. And that is the sense of being betrayed and abandoned by God. I know that I was part of the group of Light Workers which were sent here 500 million years ago to help the Fallen Universes. To use yet another analogy, I feel like a member of a special task force that is sent by my government to a dark and dangerous place. We are sent by our Country, and we are sent with the mandate and the promise, "Establish a base - reinforcements will follow, very soon." Heru, am I wrong? I feel in my bones that this was said to those of us who volunteered to work in the Dark Universes.


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