The return of light

Heru: I'm checking with Prime Creator - and all He is saying is that they're coming.   [Reader question:]

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Heru: I'm checking with Prime Creator - and all He is saying is that they're coming.


[Reader question:] I have been in the Engineering, Construction and Materials business for 35 years and am wondering how all the Changes are going to effect how we do things. Will we still use sand, gravel, cement, copper, steel, glass etc. in the way we build things? Our current methods of construction using bricks and mortar seem very basic when compared to space ships and space technology.


There must be better ways of getting raw materials other than mining, drilling for oil, or cutting down all the trees. Our transportation and power systems also seem to be in total need of replacement.


Would you be so kind as to offer some information on how these basic needs (food, heat, clothes, and shelter) will change after the Dark is removed and ET support is provided.


Heru: Yes, I'd be very happy to. If you were to look at a Third Dimensional planet in an Unfallen Universe, you would find that it is a much more low tech culture - much closer to the Earth, much closer to Nature. The climate is far more amenable to comfort. And the other thing is that population density is not as great, so it is more a matter of villages than large cities. There is technology but it's an organic technology, so instead of a computer being made out of plastic and running on electricity it would be made out of organic compounds. As far as building and roads and so on, everything would be much more organic with less need for transport. Things are much more localized. And there is also the ability of those Third Dimensional Humans to create matter and create life. If you wanted gold you wouldn't have to mine for it, you could create it. If you wanted a glass window you wouldn't have to gather the sand and melt it and purify it, you would simply create it. And it is within the grasp of a Third Dimensional Being to do that - to create food, to create clothing, create whatever they need.


[Elora:] On an Unfallen Third Dimensional planet the size of Earth, what would be a normal population density?


Heru: It would depend on whether it was a watery planet. Some of them have very little solid ground and some of them have a great deal of solid ground. But let us take a planet the size of Earth with roughly the same proportion of land to water. It would accommodate several million comfortably, and more comfortably than your Planet currently because you have climates where there is land but it is really not suitable for living. I am thinking of the Antarctic land mass and the lands up around the Artic Circle which are very sparsely populated. This would not need to be so were the climate more even. And because of the difference in diet, there wouldn't be the need for large meat manufacturing and all of the plant material that is grown primarily to sustain the meat industry. There just wouldn't be the need for farms like there is on Earth. People would be eating much lighter, primarily a fruit based diet.


[Elora:] There are some Standing Stones in Georgia somewhere, and they have sort of a more enlightened Ten Commandments inscribed on them. They say that the Earth's population should not be more than 70 million.


Heru: It could be that. I don't think it would be that high. With a normal planet I'm thinking more along the teens to twenty million. It could definitely sustain 70 million but I think people would choose not to have so many children, and it would be more like 20 million.


Elora: Here is something that a Reader sent us. It is material said to be channeled from Hatonn on February 7 of 2006. Would you please comment on whether this information is true:


Beginning on Saturday there was an event that rocked the Underworld. Five hundred years ago an event set into motion the culmination of what took place on Saturday. This was an event that seemed like a bombing of the underground Bases in many parts of the world. In actuality it was the extinction of many of the Off-Worlders' Secret Bunkers in which they had stored vast amounts of data that would lend itself to the extinction of the Human Race.


No longer is this available to any species or to any Life Form. In fact, the Off-Worlders no longer have access to that part of their experience, which means that there is no chance that they can retrieve it for their purposes. What has taken place is that in a series of returns to the 'timeline' in which this data was created and stored, we have been able to completely and forever erase this data and knowledge. It is as if it never happened, or was created from the coffers of the intent of this species of Off-Worlders.


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