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Elora: What do you mean by fires?   Heru

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Elora: What do you mean by fires?


Heru: Fires of war, fires of famine, fires of distress - but again this is from some distance. So we are not able to get down to the point where we can see an individual home or an individual person. There are clusters of trauma. For instance if I were to focus on Cairo, a very polluted and impoverished city in Egypt, I would see the fire of the pain. It's almost as if the center of the city, where the wealth is concentrated, is not on fire. But with the rings of slums surrounding it, it looks like successive rings of fire surrounding the city. I cannot see individual people or individual buildings or individual conditions, so it's hard to discern what aspect of misery I am seeing.


Let me just double check with Prime Creator and see if that corresponds with His vision. He says yes, and that because of the density we are still some ways away from your Planet. And it is not that the prayers of everyone are not being heard. But, much like the Ring of Fire that surrounds Cairo, it is more of an indistinguishable chorus - indistinguishable between the lack of sanitation, lack of health of heath care, prevalence of disease, lack of good water, violence and abuse. If I look at this Ring of Fire I cannot discern whether there would be all of those problems or maybe all but one. So for instance if there was plentiful good water there, I couldn't tell if there was or wasn't. And I want to add one more thing, that part of the gift that the Light Workers have is the personal connection with different Higher Beings - with Prime Creator, with myself, with the Archangels and so on. The Light Workers have a greater ability to communicate, to hear, and to articulate as well. And this is very valuable to us. So when the Reader asks if I can watch CNN TV, I cannot.


[Elora: I believe that Heru is describing the general challenges that the Higher Beings have when attempting to see into the Dense Physical Plane, for we all know of instances where they have been able to pinpoint individuals and situations. It may be that the Creator Gods and Prime Creator are in a sense "higher up" and are less able to see details than others like the Positive ET's, for example. An interesting example from my life is as follows. I have a cat who is a great adventurer and has been lost on a couple of occasions, having wandered quite a distance from home. We have called upon the Angel of Animals to guide her home, and this has worked well. There was one occasion, however, where the Angel told us that he was having a very hard time locating my cat because she was obscured from his view. He would find her and then lose her again for long periods of time. The other Beings I work with were having the same problem - they just couldn't see her. My cat did make it home, but this was an illuminating event.]


Elora: Would you say that these more detailed communications will help the Higher Forces to lay their plans for when they get in here?


Heru: Very much so. So I would ask everyone to dialogue with whomever they feel the clearest communication, whether it be Sananda, Michael, Prime Creator or others, to begin to upload to us what is happening in as great detail as possible.


[Elora: I feel this is a very important point. It's as though the Higher Forces need to create a detailed rescue map, and we are being asked to help by providing specific information about conditions in our locales or conditions as we know them. Until the breakthrough with the Atomic Correction occurs, we may not yet have the response we are seeking. However, the more the Light Forces know about the situation here, the better prepared they will be once they reach us. Imagine a city which has been devastated by an earthquake. In some areas there are fires. In others, water or gas mains have broken. There is looting and violence in certain places, and so on. Rescue teams have not yet arrived, but if a few people can call out on their cell phones and explain just what is happening in the city and where, then the rescue teams will know how and where to get to work when they arrive.]


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