The return of light

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Reader: Ihave been an avid reader of The Return of Light material for awhile now. II have found it compelling, and felt it has some very solid truth to it. BUT this last message has made me feel quite outraged. I perhaps am not understanding it, but here is my take:


It was said 'details of the Dense Physical are still obscured from Prime Creator's view .. .' Here is MY question. How many weeping mothers with babies dying of disease and starvation do you need to hear from? How many sobbing women who have been raped need to cry out to you? And how many anguished tortured young men in Iraq and other places of insanity need to callout before you get a picture? Are parents on Earth more advanced than the so-called Higher Beings? We can anticipate the needs of our children without their specific requests, without their spilling their guts. We sense when something is wrong, and help without knowing all the details.


I don't understand why a Creator God would not have the technology or the Team on the ground to understand in intimate detail what the hell is happening here. He hasn't called me or he would know. Can he watch CNN? Are you implying that we haven’t been speaking up and saying in gruesome detail where it hurts ???????


The pain we feel is so enormous - it seems voyeuristic to me that Prime Creator would want a parade of misery in all its forms so He can finally 'get it' .. .'Not being able to see' seems like a lame excuse to me. Sort of like George Bush not knowing about conditions in the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina. It is his damn job to know. There are plenty of people who have been in the worst darkness who are capable of reporting. What more does Prime Creator need to know, except we want the violence stopped now!


Heru: Thank you, that is very moving. The truth is that Prime Creator does not have a Ground Crew. Those of you who speak to me and speak to Prime Creator are the closest thing that we have to a Ground Crew. My apologies if the effect of that message was to convey insensitivity to the plight here. But the truth is that in many cases we don't see clearly what is going on. And the greater the detail that can be uploaded to us, from each person's perspective, the more we are able to hone in on each particular problem.


Elora: Heru, maybe it would help if you told us what you actually see when you look at the dense physical? What is your experience?


Heru: I see smoke, dark shapes. I'm looking through a smoky glass into a vista that has places where you can see fires burning, and in between it's just smoke. So my ability to see detail is very obscured, and I believe it is the same for Prime Creator.


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