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Part 4 – Update from Heru - May 12, 2006

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Part 4 – Update from Heru - May 12, 2006


Elora: Heru, can you give us any kind of update to be released to our Readers?


Heru: Yes. Dear Readers: I'm very happy to announce a new phase in a Project that we have not spoken publicly about before. We mentioned in some of the Updates that there were certain Projects which were classified and this was one of them. We are de-classifying this Project today. Prime Creator has called forth many thousands of God Warriors to tunnel into the density of Earth’s distorted Third Dimension. They started from the outer reaches of the Solar System, and about ten days ago they reached the surface of the Earth. We stopped them there in order to defuse many booby traps, doomsday programs, hair triggers to bombs, and so on. At the point that the God Warriors came to the surface of the Earth, an Etheric Water that we are calling God Water was then released in 15 minute interval pulses. This God Water has many programs and frequencies in it to dissolve and dismantle anything that is a threat to the survival of Gaia. Just as water on your Planet is called the Universal Solvent, the God Water has that same property as well. This programmed Water came through the holes opened by the God Warriors.


[Elora: I clairvoyantly observed the God Warriors when they were in the process of tunneling down towards the surface of Earth. It was as though they literally turned their bodies into drills and cut holes through the density. It was very much like watching someone drill through solid rock - another demonstration of the incredible density that we live in and consider as normal. We were told that these God Warriors carried the Program for the Atomic Correction within their bodies and would in a sense become Atomic Correction Generators. Heru resumes:]


This has been going on for about a week. Last night, May 11 at Midnight, the God Warriors resumed their drilling into the Earth, into the greatest of the densities, and they will all meet up at the core of the Earth. We estimate the time that it will take to get there will be five days with one day of what Prime Creator calls "set up". So in six days time [about May 1-7] they will be ready to merge all of their energies and become Atomic Correction Generators. They will bring forth energy to correct the distortion at the atomic and subatomic level, radiating out from the core of the Earth to all matter on this Planet - and then, once this Planet is complete, to extend out into the entire Solar System. We feel that this will have a tremendous effect on opening up an influx of Light to this Planet. This will happen first through the channels that they are digging and through which this God Water will continue to flow. And once we have stabilized Gaia to the point that there is no threat to her life, Prime Creator will then initiate a series of different programs aimed at world leaders, environment, and all of the different issues that you have. There will be many happening at once and some will occur before others. I think at this point it's premature to list what the priorities are. We can come back to that once this phase has begun.


Elora: Can you state any more definitively where the God Warriors are, Dimensionally speaking? If they were on the Dense Physical we'd see them, and if not how is the correction going to work?


Heru: They are in the [normal] Third Dimension. They are still in the process of tunneling from the Third Dimension into the Dense Physical, and it is our belief that once they get to the core of the Earth and begin this generation process that they will be fully on the Dense Physical. I cannot guarantee that but this is our definite idea and hope.


Elora: Several of our Readers expressed outrage at the portion of our last Update which I entitled "Speak Up and Tell Us Where It Hurts". I’m sure you recall that discussion. I'm going to read a very impassioned letter from a woman in this regard:


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