The return of light

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Elora: I feel that there is a very important point here. How can Fallen Beings have so much power to do harm? How can they be so filled with such an intensity of hate and destructiveness?


Heru: Their power, their hate, their destructiveness, their inventiveness in doing harm, are in exact inverse proportion to the strength and to the depth of Love, Light, and intelligence that was intrinsic to these Beings before they fell. Darkness turned the power, Light, and vast creativity of this Creation against itself.


If you take a very low number numerically, such as two or three, and make that negative two or three, these are still not very large numbers. But if you take a number such as a trillion and make it minus one trillion, you have an enormous negative number. That is how we ended up with the degree and intensity of Darkness that we have had in this Creation. Prime Creator created Beings of such glory and magnificence that when they were subject to the reversing of their Life Codes, their fall was correspondingly far and their desire and ability to do harm was correspondingly great.


[Elora: ] To quote the Guide once again: "Let us suppose, for instance, that a Being in its perfect state had the particular characteristic of great strength of Love, the fire of Divine Love. This Love Force would turn around into its opposite and create a great fire of hatred and wickedness .... Let us suppose that another individual in his or her perfect state of development had the particular characteristic of wise judgment, calmness, and wise reflection ... Directed to its opposite force, this power would create ... icy coldness, icy darkness, and desolation .... Since one of the most important Divine aspects is Free Will or Freedom of Choice, this had to turn into its opposite too ..... [Therefore] the opposite of God and his Laws must be the prohibition of Free Choice and the domination of the stronger over the weaker ones."


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