The return of light

Part 3 - What is The Darkness?

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Part 3 - What is The Darkness?


In a previous Update, Heru stated that Prime Creator now knows what the Darkness is made up of. I will give a short discussion on this topic for those who may be interested.


As discussed in former Updates, the original Source of Darkness was an entire Creation System, far out in the Void, that had gone Dark. This Creation System would probably be as far away from our own Creation System, relatively speaking, as the nearest Star would be to Earth. It was created by an entirely different Prime Creator, and we would probably never have known of its existence except that, in the larger scheme of things, it was one of our nearer neighbors. This fact enabled Fallen or Dark Beings from that System to travel through the Void and to enter this Creation. Thus Darkness entered our Creation and began to spread.


According to Heru, the Darkness was essentially created by accident. It was an attempt, on the part of the Prime Creator of that System, to reverse the Codes of Life. Unfortunately that attempt succeeded. Heru stated: "It was an experiment that went wrong and then ended up consuming him in insanity." We asked about the purpose of this experiment and Heru responded, "It may have been just to see if it could be done." Subsequently, the entire Creation System made by this Creator became Dark.


Darkness, Heru says, is therefore essentially a reversal of the Codes of Life - taking those Codes and running them backwards. This is why Darkness turns Love to hatred, purity to corruption, perfection to distortion, and so on. As we have stated elsewhere, Darkness acts somewhat like a computer virus and also somewhat like a disease virus, of which Heru stated: "It in itself is not alive; it is not a living thing. It uses the host's DNA and the host's fuel and energy to destroy the host."


Regarding these analogies, Heru stated:


"Both of those are very good analogies that people can understand. Let me see if I can come up with anything else. The destruction of Atlantis came about by applying that reversal to the crystalline energy structure, the crystalline structures that were being used in Atlantis pretty much as a basis for the entire civilization. Their energy, their religion, their commerce - all of that was built on the use of these crystals. When the codes in those crystals were reversed Atlantis fell, although corruption had already been building for some time. But I think your Readers will be able to remember that feeling. Remember how these early days of Atlantis felt, when things were still pure, how the corruption came in and how it caused the Fall."


Many years ago, I belonged to an organization called the Pathwork. The Pathwork was based upon a set of lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos from a Being who identified himself only as "The Guide". In some of the early lectures, entitled "God: The Creation" and "The Fall", the Guide spoke with amazing clarity about the nature of Darkness. To quote:


"So, Spiritual Worlds did exist for a very, very long time where all created Beings lived in a state of bliss, in a way that is unimaginable .... The one Spirit who succumbed first generated a power running in the opposite direction to Divine Law, but it was still the same power, only used differently. With this power the Spirit could affect and influence many other spirits, little by little. But not all spirits were affected. There was a division between those who succumbed and those who did not. With the former, the 'Fall of the Angels' began. In this process every Divine Aspect turned into its opposite nature: harmony turned to disharmony, beauty to ugliness, light to darkness, wisdom to blindness, love to hatred, fear, or egotism; and union became separateness."


A Reader recently wrote to me: "When one ponders the implacable opposition of the Dark to all life ... its pernicious patience as it sinks poisonously into a life affirming host ... its enormous success in the Universes and up to Creator God levels ... one must stand back and wonder who or what would hate Prime Creator so much as to develop a venom of this potency? ... Who could have that level of power to counter Prime Creator?"


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