The return of light

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Reader: I have read the Book and all the Updates. I have a question and it deals with crystals. Is there a use for crystals in helping to anchor the Light Energies?


Heru: Yes, very much so. I would caution that as everything on and in this Planet has been distorted, crystals themselves do not contain unsullied matter, but they can help amplify the new Light that is coming to this Planet. So before you use anything, I would recommend that if possible you take a container, a glass bowl or whatever, and pray over that water. Invoke the Light from the Omniverse [the Omniversal Energy], ask that this water be filled with that crystalline pure Light, and that anything placed within that water be purified and brought up to that vibration. Then immerse your stones in that water and place them in the sun or full moonlight for several hours. And that should facilitate drawing to the Earth more of this beautiful clear Light.


Reader: Are you aware of the Law Congress passed in March of 2000, and President Clinton signed on October 10, 2000, titled the National Economic Security and Reformation Act - NESARA (which has yet to be introduced due the sabotaging efforts of the Dark Forces),


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