The return of light

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Elora: So when we make these requests, do we need to detail in specifics what we need to occur rather than making general requests?


Heru: Yes, I think that is very helpful, the more details the better. And it really has to be mostly personal. For as passionate as you are about this Earth, for example, there is a personal element that needs to be injected there - where you connect with how it's affecting you, where your pain is - and not just the passion but also the pain that you feel for the destruction that has happened

here. Be very specific about it, and when you communicate with myself or with Prime Creator, project to us that disgusting sick-at-your-stomach feeling that you get every time you see a Chemtrail, that pain in your heart when you see trees destroyed. The more personal you can make these requests the more effective they will be, the more it will allow us to actually see what is going on. So when you make these requests, really connect with the visceral feelings in your body and your emotions and project them to whatever Beings you are working with.


What I would like you to do is to get this information out, because the more people who really understand how to do this the quicker things will go, the quicker people will evolve, the quicker these connections and this information will come forward.


People who are praying for World Peace, for instance, tend to abstract this issue outside their own bodies. If we can get people to really delve into themselves, get in touch with the lack of peace: what war does to their heart and mind and body when they see the images on TV or when it impacts them directly, personally, that will help a lot. They need to understand that when they make those prayers for World Peace it is vital that they personalize it and express that to Prime Creator and all the Beings that are helping Prime Creator. For all of you who are praying for assistance and praying for help for this Planet, make it intensely personal.


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