The return of light

Heru: I agree.   Elora

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Heru: I agree.


Elora: This is not like a spider bite on a person's arm. It's like losing a whole hand to infection and death. In fact, it feels almost to me as if this Creation is like a beautiful woman who has been raped. Maybe the rape only took place in her vagina, in six percent of her body, but it affects the whole, and it's not a small thing.


Heru: That is a good analogy.


Elora: When I began to think of the amount of suffering and devastation that has occurred because darkness was allowed to spread, and wasn't dealt with for such an incredibly long time, a tremendous feeling welled up in me that said, "Regret isn't enough." For those on the highest level to say they're sorry they didn't act sooner is just not enough to balance the weight of the countless numbers of Beings who went through not just many lifetimes of suffering, but millions of such lifetimes. It's also not enough for those Beings who have actually been destroyed, who have ceased to exist. For them, the rescue has come too late. They are gone forever.


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