The return of light

Elora: And then will they be brought back?   Heru

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Elora: And then will they be brought back?


Heru: I'm sure some of them will. I don't know about all.


Elora: Has a tremendous amount of Darkness been removed from the entire Dark Sector, just in the past few days?


Heru: Yes. I believe we talked about how the Light from the Godverse [the Omniversal Energy], was sort of like a strobe light or a light in a lighthouse, and that each time it would come around it would penetrate more deeply. Progressively, each time that Light comes through, it dissipates more and more of the Darkness. And that beam of Light is, I believe, pulsing through at a rate of every 5 or 6 weeks and lasts for about a day each time. So you may wish to set a calendar and watch as things change. And oftentimes with these pulses Prime Creator is adding things to the Omniversal Energy, so that embedded in it are Beings and energies that may not have been on the pulse prior to it.


[Elora: According to this conversation the last pulse from the Omniversal Energy occurred about April 19-20, 2006, so the next one would happen around May 25-June 1, 2006.]


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