The return of light

Elora: What percent of our Universe would you now say is Light?   Heru

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Elora: What percent of our Universe would you now say is Light?


Heru: Oh, virtually all, in the 90-something percentile. There are just a very few planets that are not Light or not in the control of Light, such as your Planet. There are not many of these left.


Elora: And how about all the Fallen Beings? Are there still a great many that haven't been restored toe Light?


Heru: True, and they are in holding areas. Here and there are a few who are still loose, but very few. The Fallen Beings will be worked with to reform them and they will be given certain choices.


Elora: Will they be forced to reform, so to speak, by the Deca-Delta Squadrons, or given a choice between that and being melted down? [Note: the Deca-Delta Squadrons are groups of Angels who are able to work on Beings and restore the Free Will of Beings who had succumbed to Darkness.]


Heru: They will go through a process where their Free Will is restored; the Deca-Delta Squadrons will do that. From that point on they will then be presented with choices. And there will be some who will prefer to be melted down rather than go through the painful process of healing and correcting and in a sense atoning. I do not mean atoning in a sense that there is blame assigned to what they have done. They, like the rest of you, have had all or part of their Free Will stolen and are not considered to blame for what they have done. But in the process of healing, atonement, and restoration, reparation to those whom they have harmed is part of that healing. And there will be those among them who will be so heartsick at what they have done that they cannot face that process. Therefore not out of cowardice, nor out of evil, nor out of resistance would they choose to be melted down, but more out of sorrow.


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