The return of light

Elora: Yes! Very frustrating!   Heru

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Elora: Yes! Very frustrating!


Heru: It was that kind of phenomenon. They saw it happening, and because they cannot see into the Dense Physical they did not have a way to monitor what was and was not happening on the Dense Physical.


Elora: Would you please say a few words about the Dense Physical, what it is perceived to be and how it is different from the normal Third Dimension.


Heru: I'll say what I can but because I am not in it, I can't really see it. I guess I would have to define it as an aberration from what the normal Third Dimensional world would be. So in a sense your whole Planet [the part that exists in the Dense Physical] is living in an aberrant and distorted reality.


Elora: Doesn't Earth have many Dimensions, including a normal Third Dimension? It does. And is it true that the great bulk of the Human population is on the DensePphysical? Yes, indeed.


[Elora: I have clairvoyantly viewed the "normal" Third Dimension for Earth, which contains twelve levels. I have seen very few Humans there, and particularly in the higher levels it is very beautiful and unspoiled.]


Elora: Because we're in dense physical bodies, we can't see the normal Third Dimension. When we look out at the Universe, are we seeing Dense Physical Realms that exist for all the Stars and the other Planets within their Solar Systems?


Heru: You're seeing what is normally Third Dimensional Matter. If you look through a telescope and you look at a Star or a distant Galaxy you can see it, but you are viewing it through the distorted lens of your perceptions. That is why most of you do not see the ET's who come here who are Fourth and Fifth Dimension or higher. Normally, if you were not in such a distorted place, you would easily see them.


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