The return of light

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Elora: And is it that, more than the density and distortions, which has been the biggest stumbling block?


Heru: The density and atomic distortions are the biggest obstacle, and they are also tied to these Doomsday Programs, where if we initiate a program to correct the density it can trigger something destructive elsewhere. So we are working through this. I know this does not sound hopeful and encouraging, but we have dismantled a good many of these systems and we are continually working on finding ways to dismantle the rest of them. Therefore although it feels like nothing has happened, much work has been done, much progress has been made in coming to the point where we will solve these triggers and we will dismantle these programs. It is just taking us longer than we had hoped. I can't really give any kind of concrete time frame but I believe we're looking at months for some things and a couple of years for other things. We're not looking at decades or centuries.


Elora: When the Light Forces began the attempt to rescue the Third Dimensional Earth, did they not understand the distinction between the "normal" Third Dimension and the Dense Physical?


Heru: I think they understood it, but when they broke into the Third Dimension they thought that they were also breaking into the Dense Physical. Do you remember for so long, how frustrating it was when you would call for an action - how we would say that we had initiated it and would see it coming through to completion, but nothing would happen on the Dense Physical?


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