The return of light

Heru: Yes. I will limit my content to what can be shared with the public.   Elora

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Heru: Yes. I will limit my content to what can be shared with the public.


Elora: Also, I would like to note here for our readers and for future reference, that Karen has stated she no longer wishes to channel anything along the lines of a prediction.


Heru: Very understandable in light of what she has been through.


Elora: What can you tell us, even in general terms, about the current state of our Planet and the attempts to rescue the dense physical, correct the atomic distortions, and so on?


Let us go back to the initiative that Horu led in December and January.


[Elora: As a parenthetical note, when he speaks of Horu, Heru is referring to another of his Aspects. While Heru has not differentiated between his various Aspects in his public messages in the past, he is doing so now. As an explanation, each Creator God - just like each Archangel - is composed of a "collective" of many Aspects. This is why you could have a thousand people on Earth all calling upon Archangel Michael at the same time, for example, and all these calls would be answered. All the Beings in a collective share something of a group mind, but each Aspect has a personal name and his or her own history, memories, relationships, and so on. The Aspect whom we have known as Heru in these channelings is the direct Progenitor for Karen and myself, has a long history of working with Earth, and is the one who dictated The Return of Light. He is one of the oldest, wisest, and most powerful Beings in his collective. Horu is a younger Aspect, very dynamic, and it is he who led the attempt that we called the Light Initiative. During the time of the Light Initiative, Heru had gone into seclusion for a period of time. Heru continues:]


While there was not much impact of that initiative on this Planet, it was successful in other places. And of course the fact that it did not succeed in breaking through to the dense physical on your Planet was the heart of Karen's disappointment. I know there was much anticipation on the part of the Readers for that and also for the God Event that followed. Most of what was accomplished with Horu's Initiative was not seen on this Planet but there were parts that did get through. I am trying to decide whether, for your Readers' understanding, to actually let them know that this initiative was led by a different Aspect other than myself. I think that you might want to tell them this, and that I was in a process of seclusion at the time.


What did come through was a small amount of very beautiful refined energy, and there were those who were sensitive, who felt and appreciated that. However, as you know, it did not tip the balance on this Planet towards the Light and it did not significantly contribute to the liberation of Earth. The next Initiative, the God Event, occurred around the end of February and the beginning of March. There was much anticipation about this event. Again its greatest impact was not on this Planet, and only a small fraction of that energy was able to penetrate into the Dense Physical and into this Planet. And again those who are sensitive were able to feel it. I believe you got many comments on it at that time, but again it did not tip the balance on this Planet.


Efforts have been made, repeatedly, to work on the Atomic Distortions and so far they have not met with success. The Beings working on this, including Prime Creator, have not given up however. And let me say here that Prime Creator could come into this world and take over in a very short amount of time but at a great cost of disruption, chaos, and death. Ways are being sought to do this without so much loss of life and destruction and the resulting chaos that it would bring. So it is a delicate line that is being walked here. There are a number of different fronts being worked on simultaneously to change things without the massive loss of life that a sudden Shift would precipitate.


Elora: You said that the God Event and Light Initiative had a greater impact on other places. I thought they were focused on Earth.


Heru: They involved the entire [Fallen] Sector. And they also involved the few remaining Planets that had not or have not been rescued. It was not just aimed at Earth.


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