The return of light

Part 2: Update for February 2006 - Elora Gabriel

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Part 2: Update for February 2006 - Elora Gabriel


This Update will be short, as Karen is still not channeling, and again it will consist of information that Shakura, my Husband John, and I have gathered.


The Light Initiative, from what we can observe in the US at least, appears to be having some effect although it is progressing more slowly than anticipated. The Bush regime is under duress and is weakening, with more indictments to come. The word "impeachment" has been spoken and is gaining serious support. These are hopeful signs, and we trust that the movement which has begun will continue to gain momentum. I do think that the extreme density of what I call the "Compression Zone" or the dense physical has slowed everything down, and that the Light Forces did not comprehend how extreme this situation was until they began working in the Third Dimension. Once again, where the rescue of our Planet is concerned, so much hinges on breaking that last barrier so that the density and atomic distortions can be turned around. In addition, other events have required the attention of the Light Forces, as I will explain below.


Following is a short history of what we observed during the month of January. In the first week of this Month it was seen that, not only were the Atomic Generators not working in the Dense Physical, but the density on Earth was still increasing. For tens of thousands of years, frequency has been dropping on our Planet and density has been increasing. The momentum of this downward movement had become so strong, and matter had become so dense here, that had the situation gone unchecked it would have reached a point of no return. An unprecedented appeal for intervention was made to the Absolute, the unmanifest form of God (that which is prior to all Gods and all manifestation). Normally the Absolute does not intervene in Creation, that being the role of Prime Creator. The Absolute released two great Waves of Energy, which reached our Planet on Sunday afternoon and night, the 8th of January, 2006. These Waves were filled with brilliant, sparkling Light and powerful energies. They stopped the downward slide of matter, and very gradually began to penetrate the Dense Physical.


However, by Friday, January 13th, another situation had developed which commanded the full attention of the Powers of Light. In the previous part of "The Return of Light", Heru spoke of the source of Darkness. At that time he stated that it was not known who or what created Darkness or where it came from, only that it was brought here by an invasion from somewhere outside this Creation. We have now gathered quite a bit more information about the source of Darkness, which is apparently an entire Creation System that is Dark. In order to explain these enormous concepts, which may be difficult to visualize, let me draw an analogy.


Imagine a large lake. On the lake, lotus plants (which are a type of water lily) are growing. Each one is spaced rather far from its neighbors, and they form a somewhat regular pattern on the lake. In this analogy each Lotus plant represents a Creation System, created by a Prime Creator and encompassing multiple Creations. The flowers and leaves represent the Creations within that system, with the leaves being analogous to the earlier and simpler Creations and the flowers being analogous to the later and more complex ones. (As you may recall, Heru told us that our Creation is structured in the form of a gigantic Lotus Flower with each petal being a Universe and the center of the flower being the Godverse.) The lake in our analogy represents the Void. The Creation Systems float within the Void. If you will imagine that each Lotus Plant, each Creation System, is contained within its own energetic envelope - which represents the Absolute in each case - then our analogy is complete, albeit very simplified. The Absolute which surrounds each Creation System manifests Itself as a Prime Creator, and each Prime Creator then creates, out of the “stuff” of the Absolute, all the Creations which make up that System. The entire lake would make up the Cosmos, or All That Is. And it may be that the lake is, in fact, an ocean that goes on forever.


Now imagine that one of these Lotus Plants somehow became diseased with an aggressive and deadly virus. That virus was carried to the nearby plants and they, too, start to become diseased. Something like this, we believe, is what happened.


In one of the Creation Systems - one that was relatively near to us but not our immediate neighbor - Darkness was created. Darkness has overtaken that Creation System entirely. How and why it was created we don't know. The Prime Creator of that System, we are told, is "diseased and insane". Did he create Darkness because he was insane, or was it done innocently, as some kind of experiment, and did he become insane because of living in a Dark Creation System? Probably we will never know. In either case, I still feel that the best analogy we have for Darkness is that of a computer virus - something that is non-living and non-souled, yet has the ability to spread and replicate itself, and to corrupt and destroy whatever it encounters. Just as computer viruses don't affect a hard drive that is only running on the older and much simpler DOS system, but can rapidly take down a computer running on the newer and more complex Windows, just so Darkness was not able to affect the older and simpler Creations within this System but had a devastating effect upon our newer and very complex Creation. I also believe that if we could define Darkness, it might well be a reversing of the codes of life, the Codes of Light. It's as if all these magnificent, perfect codes were run backwards. Therefore the effect of Darkness is to reverse the perfection of Creation. Love becomes hatred. Purity becomes corruption. Peace and safety become violence and war. Beauty becomes ugliness, and so on.


Heru has told us that the Darkness invaded this Creation over a billion years ago. I am extrapolating, but I would guess that what happened is that some of the Beings from the Dark Creation System were able to travel through the Void and to enter our undefended Creation. They carried with them this highly contagious virus, this Darkness. The degree of Darkness they carried must have been incredibly virulent, for we know that the Universe they entered "sickened and died", in Heru's words, almost immediately. Because the Darkness was unknown and was not understood, it continued to spread throughout the contiguous Universes. The rest, as we say, is history.


On or about Friday, January 13th, 2006, a shock wave ran through this Creation, for it was discovered that the Source of Darkness was sending a Force to attack us. (For the remainder of this Update, for the sake of simplicity I will use the term "the Dark Creation" for the source of darkness, although technically it should be called "the Dark Creation System".) Prime Creator had always known that the Source of Darkness would have to be destroyed in order for us to be fully safe, and he said as much in "The Return of Light." Tentative plans for this venture had been laid for sometime in the future. What Prime Creator had done, in recent months, was to contact some of the Creators of the other Creation Systems which were adjacent to the Dark Creation and had therefore been affected by the Darkness. I believe there were at least a couple dozen of these Systems. Prime Creator communicated with these other Creators and discussed with them the necessity of banding together to destroy the Dark Creation. This was a positive step, and a very necessary one for the ultimate destruction of the Dark Creation. With the might of over two dozen Creators banded together, the numbers and the power existed to take down this threat to our part of the Cosmos.


When the attack from the Dark Creation was launched towards us, Prime Creator and the Forces of Light were initially taken by surprise. However, the Light Forces quickly rallied, pulled together an enormous Force of Light Warriors and God Warriors, and joined together with the other Creators to combat this menace. These Creators, along with their armies, soon contained the attacking Force and surrounded the Dark Creation. On the weekend of the 15th and 16th, they joined their energies and were able to initiate an implosion of the Dark Creation.


As the Dark Creation slowly began to collapse, hordes of Beings started to pour out of it in order to escape its destruction. The Armadas of the Light Forces were able to contain this outpouring of Dark Beings, and they also began to construct a gigantic Net. About a week later, this Net was completed and placed around the Dark Creation and its Forces. We believe it will require about another three to six weeks (i.e. somewhere between February 13th and March 1st, 2006) for the collapse to be complete. The Creator of this System will be caught in the collapse and will be destroyed as well. Those Beings who are watching tell us that this is both a time of rejoicing and of deep sorrow. Ultimately, the relief that all Beings of Light will feel when the Dark Creation is gone will be enormous.


I imagine that no one knows just what will happen when the collapse finally occurs, but several things are projected. One is that, due to the implosion of such a gigantic amount of matter, a great shock wave will pass throughout the entire Cosmos. We may feel it here. Another is that all the soulless Dark Beings will simply dissolve. It is also believed that all the creations of the Dark which still remain in existence - the constructs, the generators that maintain them, the Frequency Fences, and so on - will sooner or later collapse, since they will have nothing sustaining them.


Shakura was told by Prime Creator that the Forces of Light have, at last, identified what Darkness is. Prime Creator believes that once the Source of Darkness is gone, this phenomenon will not be able to continue in existence. Therefore, when the final implosion of the Dark Creation occurs, it is felt that Darkness will be reversed or dissolved even within Beings where it had taken root, within the Fallen and compromised Beings. Again this will take some time, and no one knows how much. However, Prime Creator stated that, due to this process, within about two months' time we should see changes here in the physical. We hope to see improvements before that time due to the ongoing work of the Light Initiative, which should become more effective as the Atomic Correction proceeds (see below). But at the very least, we believe that by sometime this Spring the winds of change should at last be blowing on our beloved Planet.


Shakura and I now feel that the Atomic Correction has, at long last, taken hold and is increasing in strength. As of January 21st 2006, Shakura reported that she is able to see the Atomic Correction affecting the dense physical - more strongly than before, in fact - and that she can feel changes occurring in her body as a result. I, too, sense that this shift is finally occurring. When I look at the dense physical, much movement appears to be happening. Rather than looking at something that appears like a dense, inert, heavy iron bar, I see many swirls of energy. It's almost as if matter here has been sleeping or comatose and is starting to wake up. Assuming that our perceptions are correct, the importance of this breakthrough cannot be overestimated. The Atomic and Density Corrections are the key to so much in this World, and we feel that at long last the door that has been locked for so long is beginning to open.


The next couple of months should be momentous times indeed. We will have to wait to see just how and when things unfold on Earth. But Shakura tells me that ever since the implosion of the Dark Creation began, she knows from deep within herself that all will be well, and that things will soon begin to shift very rapidly. We are also told that more Energy Waves are coming. We're not certain of this information, but we think that somewhere around February 10-11th an "electrifying" wave will hit Earth, which will accelerate the Atomic Correction. Beyond that, a Great Wave is foreseen, which according to John's sources, would "make the Omniversal Energy look like peanuts." This is not the Breath of God, but something apparently even more powerful. We believe this Wave will arrive in about 5 weeks (i.e. about March 7th), and we may start to feel it up to a week sooner. Even though it's over a month away, I can see this Wave coming like a mighty, onrushing wall of golden power. The degree to which this energy will affect the dense physical will be dependent on how far the Atomic Correction has progressed by the time it arrives. I expect that sensitive people will feel a profound shift spiritually, but the effect on our physical world can't yet be predicted.




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